Help! Splurge on small thing now or Save for big thing later?


Should I buy a small thing NOW or put the money towards a big thing LATER?

  1. Buy the twin NOW, and keep saving for the Manhattan!

  2. Save the cash for the Manhattan and get it sooner than later!

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  1. Hi everyone! So, I was all set to buy a Balenciaga (eek! Shame on me!:shame:smile: when I saw the Pochette Twin GM last week and I fell in :love:
    It's so versatile and I can totally see myself using it as a clutch. The only thing throwing me off is that this is almost $500 for such a small thing! Now, I will definitely buy a Manhattan later on (at least 6 mos from now) and I was thinking if I should just save the $$$ towards the Manhattan.. OR should I buy the twin now to tide me over til then? :nuts:

    Opinions, thoughts? TIA!!! :wlae:
  2. I'd just save for the Manhattan and use a pochette or something as a clutch. it's nearly $200 less and can be used for the same things :yes:
  3. I agree with Reb... saving for one big thing is always good.
  4. i agree with ^^.. just save...and you'll have the bag you really want... you can find cheaper alternatives! btw i'm totally wanting the manhattan PM too:drool:

  5. :yes:
  6. get the twin now! the manhattan will still be there, but dont splurge on anything between now and then!
  7. I think you ought to save the money towards the Manhattan. It's really hard to do that, I know, but you will be happy in the end. If you get the Pochette Twin GM now, the euphoria of getting it will be diminished by endless thoughts of "I should've waited."

    Good luck! It's sooooo hard to stay focused when we are all LV fanatics and there are soooo many yummy LVs out there!
  8. Would I be evil to say go back to the Balenciaga:wtf: :drool:

    sorry. im just in love with vert d'eau
  9. Save for the Manhattan.
  10. save for Balenciaga, for sure.
  11. :nuts: I'd just save fo the Manhattan!!!
  12. I'd save for the Manhattan.
  13. Hey Balenciaga enablers get out of here!!! ;) Kidding, but seriously save up for the Manhattan, so worth it!
  14. Save! The Manhattan is worth the wait!
  15. I'd save for the Manhattan :yes: