HELP-Split tassels on brand new bag or am I crazy???

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  1. Hi I just received my 2007 mogano city w/reg hardware from Eliz. THomas this morning. Tearing open the package like it is Xmas morning and then I say..."wait a minute...." It looks like all the tassels are semi-split. Anybody had this problem on new 2007 city bag? I am kinda shocked and upset. What to do? She is a reputable seller and I paid very good $$ for this. It looks like the rolled extras are semi split as well. Probably happened from storing in a hot place (she's in Fla.) Does Balenciaga send replacement tags for new bags. Should I ask her to rectify this or get HER to get tassels from Balenciaga???? I heard they run $60 or so. I can try to post a picture. THanks for any help here...:crybaby:
  2. Bummer, I just returned an 06 bag with split tassles. i didn't think the 07 would split so soon. I'd just ask her to order you a new set.
    Do you have pics?
  3. They normaly split after a lot of use mine did, some dont split at all thats just the way it goes! You should have been told when you bought the bag that the tassels were split already...what a bummer :sad:. i just bought some more tassels from Balenciaga NY for my 05 first and 06 day total cost 11 dollars so its not that expensive to replace them. put up a picture of your bag... the spares should not be split.
  4. My '07 aqua city have all split tassles. I have 2 sets of spares though (because I *****ed at Saks SA and she took an extra set from another bag plus I was missing the mirror)!

    I heard tassles only cost like $5 though from Bal. Apparently Reo is who you have to talk to there.
  5. I'm sorry this happened, :sad:disappointing I am sure. They aren't 60.00. You can get them from Balenciaga for around 6.00 for 2. If this is a brand new bag the tassels should NOt be split and I would have the seller pay for the extra tassels. I carried my Mastic day for 2 weeks and ALL tassels are already split. Ridiculous!!!! I have bags that are from '02, '04, and '05 and the tassels are still not split. Balenciaga, where is your quality control? Does it even exist anymore?:nogood:
  6. The tassels on my Sienna Day are all split now. They started splitting in the middle after a few days! In Europe replacement tassels are 5 EUR a pair. I went to Bal Paris and they said "splitting is completely normal". Well I have some bags where that's true and some where it isn't. It doesn't bother me because the more the merrier (as long as the color isn't different on the inside), but it probably shouldn't happen.
    If it bothers you, why not ask the seller to provide extra tassels?
  7. THanks everyone. She sent me an email (the seller) that she didn't notice them being split but that Balenciaga would send new ones since Balenciaga is not supposed to sell bags with split tassles.." Oh,what the heck, I will put in her whole message below:
    " Hi Maude, I’m sorry you are experiencing a problem with split tassels. I looked over the Bag when I wrapped and shipped, but apparently did not see that, or I would have mentioned. I store all Bags in an air conditioned space, and in a waterproof corrugated box. While the Bag includes spare tassels to match, I agree a new Bag should not have split tassels, so let me know should you have replacements from Bal. NY. They can provide you with new tassels since the Bag’s new, and in all fairness they should not charge for it, and it should not have arrived to you like that. It is a completely new Bag, but I apologize as this was not intended. Also, Balenciaga is aware that this has happened with their Bags on occasion, and while I did not pick up on the tassels, they should always be glad to assist. If you are not comfortable tying on the spare tassels and having Balenciaga send you more, I understand sending the Bag in for this, but this time of year is especially busy, so make sure you know what the turnaround time would be. Thanks for letting me know this, and please keep me
    Here is the picture of the tassels and the extras .Now I'm thinking ARE they really that split? I do know all my other bags were not like this when new:

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  8. Well, the 07 tassels are better than the 06. My 06 Blueberry Purse arrived to me brand new with split tassels.
  9. Honestly I don't think they are truly split. My violet twiggy tassles look exactly like that. They aren't split...but rather look kind of 'fluffy' like they are going to eventually split.
    I'd call Bal and just buy some new ones as spares! Elizabeth Thomas always sells under the extra $5 really isn't too big a're still under retail for brand new bag :smile:
  10. i have the exact same problem with my fw/07 black city since the day i took it. i think this is a proble with most 07 bags. i tried a hard glue and now they are ok. the extra tassels are also ready-to-split...:sad:
  11. I have a F/W 07 rh plomb city and my tassels look exactly like the tassels in your picture. They're not split but puffy looking tassels. My spares were also puffy looking. I been using my bag for over a month now almost on a daily basis and the tassels have stayed like that.
  12. Thanks again, wonderful Bal experts! I am just going to call Balenciaga NYC, explain the situation, and see if I can get some extra mogano tassels. Any idea who to speak to there? I used to know Sarah but she is gone. Is Kim still there??:smile:
  13. That's how my Mastic Day's tassels looked. They were puffy like that and spongy, with the unfished sides of the tassels showing signs of separation. They did separate began to split within a week. A couple more weeks and every tassel on the bag is split. Ridiculous. My '02 flat brasses still have their original tassels, 5 years old.
  14. You should ask for Reo (that was who I was told does the ordering)!
  15. Short and sweet:

    Yes, I've actually bought many bags both from BalNY and other retailers in both the U.S. and Canada. Often some or all of tassels are begiining to, or have aready, split. I've given up and just made up my mind that it's part of the "charm". B.S. of course, but I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. I disclose when I sell, but I've stopped expecting others to do the same.

    I'm sure this doesn't help you, but that's just my experience. If you can, try not to let it bug you too, too much (easier said than done, I know!!!)