HELP! Spilt coffee on my NF this morning!!

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  1. OK, so I'm a total clutz and spilt coffee all over one side of my mono NF this morning and even got some inside my bag and on my wallet and just all over. :cry:

    I was able to dry it off with some paper towels, but as far as cleaning coffee from the vachetta, what should i do? i feel that water would only worsen the problem (on the vachetta). i would be about to use water though on the canvas part without causing even more damage than i have already, right?

    I guess the only bright side is that it's friday and not monday!
  2. Oh no I am soo sorry. I am not sure what to tell you. But I am sure someone on here will have some advice, maybe do a search for cleaning vachetta. Good Luck!
  3. oops double post.
  4. I would use baby wipes to try to remove the coffee stains from the vachetta...for the lining maybe try a cloth damp with water and detergent then scrub gently until it's gone.

    Sorry this happened and hope you get to remove all of it!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, DisCo! I shall give that a shot. I feel like a total dummy tho because it could have been prevented had I not been so ridiculously uncoordinated this morning!
  6. I'm sorry this happen to you =(

    Like what DisCo said, try to wipe the babywipe on it might help,
    what about the magic eraser thing? do you guys think is going to take of the stain?
  7. Did the stain come out??
  8. Oh my....yeah, I would use mild detergent on a damp cloth on the lining, and an alcohol-free baby wipe on the vachetta.
  9. omg my husband spilled coffee ALL over my batignolles horizontal i remember grabbing it and running to the bathroom slamming the door and crying as i wiped down the canvas with a warm white rag with water and blotted away the coffee on the vachetta : ( i had no baby wipes at the time and was NOT comfortable with letting the coffee stains set in so i dabbed the straps that had stains. suprisingly i can look at the handles now and the lining and theres no trace of water or coffee stains. there were a few spots for a cpl days after but they evened out after using a white eraser on them and just using my purse. im so sorry this happened to you : ( smh.. the coffee he spilled on mine was a peppermint white chocolate mocha so it was pretty dark. he did promise me a neverfull for christmas this year : D im hoping he keeps his promise. GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK : DD
  10. be careful! and dont use water on yours if u are not comfortable with it! i was in such a panic that i did NOT care as long as i felt that i was being productive! all turned out fine though.
  11. OH and also!!! if ur stains already dried u can try the white eraser if not u can try the baby wipes! and if u EVER get blue jean dye on ur vachetta DONT put water on it!! i did that like an IDIOT when i first got my purse and its not that noticeable now but it would have come off completely had i jus left it alone and used the eraser.. theres tons of advice on the forums from ppl way more experienced than me : p