HELP! Spilled eyemakeup remover on my bag =(

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  1. :cry: Oh no! I just accidentally splashed eyemakeup remover on the handles of my batignolles horizontal (the leather with patina part...) Since my bag is very new, it hasn't turned honey yet and now there are marks on it. I'm not sure if it will come out (I used water on it to try to get it out) on its own...or am I screwed?!? It's eyemakeup its OILY...:cry: :cry:

    Any suggestions on how to get it out? Or will it dry OK? Or.....:unsure: is it beyond repair :sad2: Please help!
  2. oh no! Sorry to hear :sad: If it doesnt clean up, I'm sure you could have the handles replaced. Call LV and ask what they would recommend :biggrin:
  3. Don't try to use water on it !!!

    Honestly, the best thing at this point if it's still very pale is just wipe off the excess and let the patina come, it'll blend in. If you try things to wipe it off, it might just darken the handles around the area.
  4. omg...Im so sad for you...I hope it just dries out and patina's normally.....good luck!!!
  5. OH NO... so sorry to hear that.. I hope it's not too noticeable...:sad2:

    I guess you just have to use the bag more frequently to speed up the patina process!
  6. Oh no!!:worried: :worried: Maybe you can send it to LV store?:idea: