Help!!!!! Spill on louis!

  1. I spilled strawberry fruitista in my bag!!!

    How can I fix this?!
    image-3104677870.jpg image-3412129949.jpg
  2. Try a damp paper towel with warm water and lightly dab. Or lmb products
  3. Alcohol free baby wipes?
  4. Just use water basically re wet the area (taking out as much red as possible since in this case there's stains) then take a hair dryer set on low. This should quickly dry it so there won't be anymore water stains
  5. Try a white eraser. My delightful leather lining accidentally brushed my lips and I had just put on chapstick and a white eraser took it right off.
  6. magic eraser?
  7. No a white pencil eraser..
  8. Do not ever use magic eraser on LV vachetta. You will ruin it. Those are harsh chemical household abrasive cleaners and are not meant for fine leather.