Help! Speedy owners...

  1. when you put the lock on the tab is it suppose to fray the tab within a couple uses? I bought my azur last week thurs., wore it 3 times and now my tab is all frayed and discolored from the lock. Can I still exchange the bag, is this some kind of defect, or will I just have to live with it?
  2. u should bring it back..i dun think its azur is still ok...
  3. hmm im not sure if they will let yu rbing it back.. i had the same issue with my epi speedy.. the lock made it go funny and they said they c0ouldnt do anything about it
  4. My azur is my first speedy and I've used it off and on for almost 3 months and I've noticed that with mine too.
  5. that fraying and color transfer from the lock is normal
  6. I don't use my lock at all but I wouldn't be happy if it my bag was damaged due to it. LV has a 30 day warranty after purchase so you can exchange it if you desire. There's plenty of other bags and variations of the Speedy so maybe just take a look. :smile:
  7. On my Epi there is no fray but I would think it´s quite normal on the untreated leather.
  8. Thanks so much, I'm going back today to see if I can exchange it...and maybe come home with something else. =x Tee hee.