Help!!! Speedy or the Venetia???

  1. Okay, so I can only afford either the Venetia or 2 LV Speedy bags. It seems like it's a better deal to get 2 for the price of one but I can't decide! What I would really like to do is get one Speedy (Damier Azul) and the Black Venetia but can't afford both as I just got the Chloe paddington. Please help!
  2. Hmm... that's a tough call! I'd vote for the speedy (but I'm kinda biased cuz I :heart: Azur)! I have both the Azur and a Venetia, and I just love how light the speedy is.

    BUT if you're not set on getting the Venetia in BLACK, you can probably get one on sale for around the same price as the speedy, so you can get both! NM Last Call Centers almost always have good deals on Venetias!
  3. Venetia for sure and I agree that you might be able to get it on sale somewhere. I think everyone needs a Venetia..can't beat it for style. mags
  4. it depends on your style and how much stuff you lug around. oh and if you have the muscled arms to carry the venetia everyday. :biggrin:

    im not being biased here, i got both. ;)
  5. I vote for the Venetia. Are you looking for one with gold or silver hardware?
  6. I love both bags, but I would go with the Speedy.
  7. The venetia was my first amazing bag, and if I could only have one bag, it would be the venetia. It's the perfect everyday, all season bag in my opinion. Such a classic!:heart:
  8. Venetia!
  9. Venetia!
  10. i have the LV Damier Speedy and I love it. i am also trying to get a venetia =) depends on if you want leather or canvas. also if you want to get more bang for your buck then you can get 2 LV speedy's. i think both bags are great so you can't really go wrong either way!
  11. Hmm... tough call here for me, as I'm not a fan of monogram LVs or the Venetia's middle buckle strap. I think I'd go with the speedy, simply because of the practicality and ease of getting in and out of it.
  12. This is what I would do! Get a speedy and then look for a Venetia on sale so that you can have both, rather than 2 speedies.
  13. I vote for the speedy.
  14. venetia because it's leather and way more classy
  15. i was worried about the strap, but it doesn't bother me at all! i say venetia, but i don't like monogram bags...