Help.. speedy hardware issue !

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  1. #1 Aug 11, 2018
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    Hello everyone..
    I've just purchased a speedy bandouliere 25 from LV Boutique today but I find that the hardware of the bag is scratched and dull ..also the lock and the keys are not shiny with gray spots.
    Should I return it or it is normal?
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  2. Is this a new purchase directly from LV?
  3. yes.. I purchased it from the LV Boutique.
  4. I am looking at my Speedy B25 purchased a few years ago and the hardware is still shiny. The lock and key that they provide with this bag is poor quality compared to my Alma PM and will tarnish and scratch very easily. I know this because I was very careful in carrying this bag and was shocked how easily it tarnished and scratched up. You will notice when you attach the strap to the hardware (on the side of the bag) that it will scratch up, no avoiding this. However, I do love this bag as it holds a ton. I would exchange it and pick the best one to take home.
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  5. Oh I would return that ASAP! That bag looks used in my opinion, likely a return then resold to you. Hardware that beat up on a new bag and a tarnished lock? No ma'am. Return.
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  7. That is not acceptable...take it back! I read the previous thread, but didn't find out how this would happen. I don't want to believe that LV would re-sell a used return like this!
  8. Bought mine a week ago. Is this normal?
    20180812_113429_Film1.jpg 20180812_113528_Film1.jpg
  9. Though the hardware will eventually be prone to this wear, there is absolutely no reason for a brand new bag to look like that. I would definitely get it exchanged.
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  10. I would go back and show the SA. Bring your receipt . They'll be able to find you in the system too, I'm sure. I would explain that you have noticed these scratches already and want to see about getting one that isn't so scratched.
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  11. When I purchased my DE speedy 25 the lock tarnished rather quickly. But it was shiny when I took it from the store. It does look like your bag was used, then returned. Hopefully there is another one you can swap out for this one. You are spending a lot of money so you should receive a brand new bag...not one that was returned and restocked!
  12. I'm wondering if they are using a different source for hardware. There shouldn't be tarnish spots after a week. That being said, it will tarnish and get scratched when you use the strap, or hang bag charms from your loops/handles. Its just the way it is. Every year I'll get out Brasso and polish up the hardware and zipper, the scratches minimize and the hardware is back to it's shiny state.
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  13. I would return.