HELP! Speedy EBene vs. Neverfull Azur ?!

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  1. Hi! It's me again lol. I recently sold my Palermo, since I decides that I do not want to own any bag in the Monogram print since they stands out too much (yes, I prefer my bags to be less recognized). I can only afford one LV bag right now since I'm saving up for my Chanel, however I have two things on my list. Either a Speedy Damier Ebene 35 or a Neverfull Damier Azur MM. I lvoe the Azur line, it's my favorite line from LV. However, it seems like I also need a darker brown bag in my collection at the moment. Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene is not an option since my mom owns one and I don't want the same thing as her. What are your thoughts and why? Thank you ladies :smile:
  2. neverfull azur!!! (selfishly, so we can be bag twins. haha!). but seriously, if that is your favorite line, that's a good enough reason. both are good choices though.
  3. I love them both equally but I say the NF Azur simply because I see it MUCH less where I live (Philadelphia). I see the Speedy Ebene a lot, so the rare times I see a NF Azur it really, really sticks out to me!
  4. nf azur , you can borrow mom's in ebene :biggrin:
  5. speedy ebene.. very versatile bag..
  6. are you still in Thailand, earthx? i remember you mentioning it a couple of times. with the tropical weather, you can wear the Azur NF year round. love the cream/blue tone of the Azur.
  7. Azur NF
  8. Because you live in a tropical climate, get the Azur NF. It sounds like that's what you love.
  9. Speedy on you, for sure!
  10. Both. :lolots: :P
  11. For you, definitely the Ebene Speedy. Especially if you feel the Monogram stands out: Azur is very bright :flowers: I think Ebene will look great with your style/outfits. Great for fall/winter too!
  12. Neverfull
  13. Nf azur! I love mine!!!
  14. Thank you everyone for your input! I still have until the end of today to decide since I need to give my orders to a friend who's leaving to europe tomorrow. I love the azur neverfull, but the speedy ebene sounds like a great addition also. Who knows, maybe I need to get both! :lol:

    I'm back in LA for school already, will be home again during christmas. Thanks for remembering that I'm from thailand :smile:
  15. My vote goes to Speedy ebene.