Help - speedy 35 mono new or preloved

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  1. Hi all - I'm wanting a speedy 35 mono desperately but I'm wondering whether to buy new or preloved. I've heard that the quality has gone down on new lvs and the canvas isn't as thick so I'm a bit worried about buying new from the lv website. I have a speedy 30 mono which I bought a few year ago preloved and that seems really robust which is what I hope will be the case with the 35. Any advice from people would be brilliant x
  2. If you can find a pre-loved 35 in very good/excellent condition for quite a bit less than the current retail price then that's definitely the way to go. The 'older' LVs were made amazingly well, especially in the 90's, and you wouldn't have to worry about the vachetta as much as it's already developed a good patina. Good luck deciding!
  3. Definitely go for the preloved route. The quality back in the day was a lot better than what it is now. Plus you will be getting the traditional original style with a nice patina on it. Not the one with the ugly puffy chaps and the weird stitching and the zippered interior pocket or whatever LV has done to ruin it (in my eyes). Also there are a TON of the classic Speedy 35's in Monogram around. I would not be surprised to find one in a good condition for maybe $300 tops. Mind you there are a lot of damaged ones and ones in not so good condition, but there will be definitely one for you.
  4. Hey there! I've been a member here for a long time but never posted:smile:.
    I have to say I would absolutely go for a pre owned. I have three bags left in my collection, a GM Mon Mono NF, a GM Damier NF and a Multipli. My bag rotation is pretty thin and I have a huge Wishlist of vintage to newer pre owned I'm looking for. Can't go wrong with a Speedy. :P
    Lollipuff has several helpful videos of restoring vachetta on pre loved bags.
    Wish list :
    Sac a dos Ellipse back pack
    Ellipse PM
    GM bucket
    PM or GM Alma Mon and Damier
    Black Multi color Noe
    Black Multi color Speedy
    Camo Speedy( holy grail)
    Any SC Perfo bag
    Cerises bucket
    Papillon 30 Mon or Damier
  5. Go pre loved, honey!!!!
  6. I'm in the same situation. I want a mono 30 speedy but I have decided to buy brand new. My reasonings is that I just don't want any drama like if I recieve the bag and its in worse condition than I saw in the pics or something. I want a new one to have my own journey and experience with patina as I have no experience with a bag with vachetta leather but I am excited to experience it. If you feel comfortable and excited buying the bag pre loved then do it!!
  7. I am sure that you could find a preloved Speedy for a good price as they are so popular. I personally prefer preloved bags as they can be used more freely. I have a store-bought Speedy 30 and I usually don't have the courage to use it as I keep worrying about ruining it! :shucks:

    I am dreaming about an older Speedy 25 which I could restore into it's former glory and then use it as a carefree everyday bag - maybe even buy a strap for it as I wouldn't have to worry about losing the guarantee. :smile:
  8. Try a preloved. Maybe get one for a little cheaper and find a made in France...always a bonus!
  9. Get preloved, the canvas nowadays are so thin and soft, means more sagging.
  10. I agree with that. I personally don't like the saggy look on speedys.
  11. I'm going to say that for me, I would go new, unless it's a big budget concern. I like being the only one to have taken care of my vachetta and in my experience, certain vintage speedies can have a smell that I am not crazy about.

    But that is just my personal preference.