Help!! Speedy 30 or Petit Noe in Mandarin

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  1. I bought a speedy 30 in mandarin last week and noticed it had some damage. The piping on one side was torn, and there was a 1" ink mark on it. The 866-vuitton located another one for me, and is sending it to my local LV boutique. I went in the other day to return the damaged one, and noticed that they are displaying all the mandarin pieces right now. They just received a petit noe. It's so cute! I bought it to make sure it wasn't sold. Now I have to make a decision between the speedy or the petit noe. I wanted the speedy because I love the way the pastilles bracelet charms hang on it. The SA showed me that it also looks cute hanging on the petit noe. If I sound like I'm losing it, I think I am. I can't make this decision without help.
  2. Well, I think the speedy 30 can be a little dressier with the right clothes.
    The petit noe is 100% casual. This is just my opinion, of course.
    I'd go with whichever one fits your lifestyle more. ;)
    Also, did you LOVE the speedy when you got it (before noticing the damage)? If so, I'd go with the speedy!
  3. I prefer the Speedy
  4. I did love the Speedy, but the Noe is soooooo cute! I'm going back and forth. I don't know what to do. :s
  5. go for the Speedy!
  6. i prefer the speedy! :yes:
  7. my vote goes to the speedy.
  8. My vote goes 100% for the speedy!
  9. I vote for the noe:yes:
  10. My vote is for the petit Noe.
  11. Petit Noe ALL THE WAY!!!:wlae:
  12. Hhhmmm....If I had to chose, I would go with the style and/or colour that you don't own yet. Or, go with the one that would be harder to get.

    If this doesn't help....I say just go with your first choice!:yes:
  13. petit noe.
  14. Sandi,

    How did the SA put the Pastilles charm bracelet on the Petit Noe bag? Please explain - I'm curious! I didn't think there way any place to put it on that bag! Thanks!
  15. I like the mandarin color with the speedy.