Help !!! Special order

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  1. Can't wait to see yours!!
  2. I received one last month.
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  4. I though long and hard about what I want. Initially, I wanted bi-Color with Etain and blue paon. But was advised to take ultraviolet and blue Zanzibar because it is more interesting.

    Which combination do you prefer? Leather will be Togo.
  5. Which version will you be doing?
  6. well technically one is under my name and the other is under my dh. but my sa knows they are both for me. super lucky to have both my dh and sa!
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  7. Ultraviolet! Didn't know it's available for this SO season~
  8. Darling, Who told you that Ultraviolet is available????
    It is not a color offered this round unfortunately....
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  9. Will be doing blue for primary Color and ultraviolet for side, strap, handle and interior with brushed GHW.
  10. Was told by a SM. I will check with him again. What do you think of the Color combination. Would you choose that over etain?
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    I don't think Zanzibar is offered either. This needs to be clarified before you make a mistake ordering something that is not possible to do. Here is the color chart for your reference.
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  12. help !!!
    contrast stitching opinions on raisin chèvre birkin please! initially i wanted to bring it closest to the original contrast stitching of rose colour against raisin. but now i am swaying in between TERRE CUITE and ROSE AZALEE stitching choices, i am lost.
    please help me, what would you choose?
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  13. Are you doing just 1 color exterior and 1 color on the interior?

    If you like that the stitching to pop in contrast to the raisin to give it a bit more twist, Azalea will be the choice but I think if you want a more blended in stitching color, terre cuite will be the option. Tough choice. I thought about this for good several minutes.

    For me personally I think I would go with Azalea for a bit more fun since it is a SO anyways. Good luck deciding and I can't wait to see the outcome.
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  14. hi yodaling, your opinion is so helpful! thank you:heart:
    yes, its going to be version 2, plain raisin exterior and interior is going to be a blue with a brushed ghw. initially i was requesting for a same pink as the original raisin but it looks like i have to choose from the current collection.