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  1. i would love the combination of doblis and ghillie. I remember loving Kim k's gold ghillie doblis, I think it was one of those photos when she was still pregnant
  2. At least at my store, you can order doblis but only for constance. Not available for any other bag.
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  3. AFAIK this leather only for c
    Yes for last and current so
  4. Does anyone know if sellier Kelly can only be ordered in epsom and chèvre? I've had my heart set on chèvre but seems color choice is very limited. Do you know if sellier Kelly can be in evercolor??
  5. Togo and sombrero too
  6. If I recall correctly, one of the versions of the kellys with the special handles is doblis.
  7. Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone has been reached out by their SAs for place SOs? I kinda want to hint it to my SA at a time frame that is appropriate..just not sure around what months do SOs usually gets placed for 2017 :confused1::angel:?
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    Now is the time, all you have to do is ask your SA, you either get a yes or no, IMO any SA who values his/her customers wouldn't mind being ask and will give reasons. This SO is nothing secretive.
  9. Does anyone have pictures of a noir/bleu nuit SO that they would please post?
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  11. Went to my store to place my Kelly special order and my sa surprised me with another so, so I picked a Constance

    1. Kelly sellier 28, cheve, rouge tomato with feu accent and blue hydra stitching (craie stitching as backup) permabrass hardware. Version 3

    2. Constance 24, evercolor, trench exterior feu interior and contrast stitching. Rghw

    Let the waiting begin!!
    IMG_4223.JPG IMG_4224.JPG
  12. Congrats, placing 2 SOs at the same time must be very rare. Hope they arrive quickly
  13. Wow how did that happen? 2 SOs at once? CONGRATS. i dont think I have read anyone else with this opportunity yet. You are so lucky.
  14. Thanks! I've never seen a Togo Kelly sellier... will definitely ask my SA when I place my SO next week
  15. Google and you will see
    Stil waiting for mine last spring so