Help !!! Special order

  1. Oh thank you for your info. Then white is definitely out of my list. How about craie?
  2. We are in the same boat. Alternative option is twilly & bag insert. :hugs:
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  3. I have never used any bag inserts actually. Would you recommend me a good one please? How about MaiTai?
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  5. Personally I am using and love D&C and MaiTai (newer version) for the price and function. 7RP (?) is great fit but little pricy, eventually I will order one. I won't leave home with my H bag witout using a bag insert ... lol :biggrin:
  6. For those of you who wonder what thread will be offer, here is the list image1-2.JPG .
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  7. Thanks for letting us know
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  8. Thanks so much, FYI standard stitching for any color is also available (i.e., you want Etoupe with Naturel, Raisin with Raisin, still available, etc.) These threads are listed inline with the color you choose as primary.
  9. Dear tpfers!!!!!!!! I was just wondering if anyone know if doblis is offered every season for special order?
  10. OMG! Lime stitching is available even though it isn't offered as a leather colour for SOs?!? Looove!
  11. I tried to place a SO in doblis. My SA told me it is not available. Well, at least in the place where I live. What a pity. I'd love a Hermès bag in doblis, too.
  12. Yeah.. I find it to be quite rare. Unless I'm wrong. Not too sure if doblis is offered every season for special order or only this season???
  13. I feel like that was added pretty recently, this round or earliest last round. Too delicate for me!
  14. Thank u for your input!!! :smile: