Help !!! Special order

  1. wow anemone is amazing in swift!!! :nuts::heart::love:
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  2. Hey QF, are you able to post an image of your togo sellier? I'm curious to see what your togo sellier looks like :smile:

    My SM has recently offered me an opportunity to personalise a bag. He said he would contact me in a few weeks for an appointment. So I'm super excited and am keen to come up with options.

    At this stage, I am planning to go for a Kelly sellier. Am choosing either chèvre, epsom or togo. I'm quite keen on togo because it has a matte finish compared to chèvre which has a sheen. It will be great if you could share yours. I have searched the hermes forum and have only found two images but nice to see more. One of the images seems to show that the bag has softened up.

    Do you think it'll slouch overtime? Thanks!
  3. Since you are concerning about how to care for lighter bag, H Spa does not clean inside the bag in case it shows some wear and tear visibly, but I think having a good bag insert definitely helps.
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  4. I won't post pictures of the bag or any of my SOs in this particular forum, but I will PM them to you. The bag is in Paris being monogrammed (they forgot!) so I'll take pictures as soon as I get it back - supposedly next week.

    Some of the Togo sellers you will see from the past are sellier mou, which is intended to slouch. My bag is reinforced like all classic selliers (the Mou lacks this second layer) so it's quite structured, but it is softer than other options. Congratulations on your SO!
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  5. Just came across this black/rose tyrien combo for SO that's similar to what you ordered.

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 19.28.38.png
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  6. Thanks so much!
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  7. Has anyone experience in how Feu turns out on Togo vs. Clemence? I really like Feu in Clemence but wanted a bag which is little bit more structured.
    someone having comparison pics?
  8. Thank you! I can't wait to see yours :heart:
  9. This would limit reselling the bag ...a possible reason why they make you do this. Trying to keep the resellers at bay.
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  10. That makes total sense
  11. Oh thank you for your info. Then white is definitely out of my list. How about craie?
  12. We are in the same boat. Alternative option is twilly & bag insert. :hugs:
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  13. I have never used any bag inserts actually. Would you recommend me a good one please? How about MaiTai?
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