Help !!! Special order

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    Lost?confused? What to do?
    How to do?
    Colors leathers combinations?
    Post your thinking doubts here
    Discussion thread for enquiries
  2. Wow, bagidiotic, how exciting!!!!!!!

    If it was me, I would do a Kelly 25, maybe 28, Retourne, with a darker color, a grey, blue, or maybe even black, but not sure about black for a so, with brushed hardware with the inside in a pop color, of a blue tone. That's just me, because I know I would use it a lot!

    Good luck choosing:biggrin:
  3. Thanks dear
    Think you have mistaken
    I started this thread for others members that need advices
    Posted wrongly on other threads
    As for me I did my so earlier this year already lol
    Thanks for your replied
  4. I was wondering, lol!

    Well, that would be my choice, sapphire or graphite or etain (don't know if graphite is available?) leather outside, turquoise inside, brushed ghw, Kelly 25.
  5. I think bagidiotic is THE expert to help with SOs! Can I ask what colours are available for lining? Anyone knows?
  6. The list has been significantly revised down. :nogood: You need to check with your store.

  7. Yes alas. I had 3 options for the lining declined and so far one seems to be ok. Let's see what happens.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks Special Order is not special order at all? It's more of "make something from what's left-over... " kind of thing. :smile:
  9. Omg that's flattering
    I am no expert at all still lots to learn
    Just creating a platform for those having dilemma doing so

    However i from my past 7 so experiences
    I never encountered lining issues
    Whatever i chosen for exterior
    Usually my interior will be approved

    I not fan of tri colors and only one color ext another int combo eg candy collection

    Usually i will choose that particular season limited issue color
    Or color only in particular leather


  10. Hahahaha! SO true!

    I have had no problems with my exterior color, and like you I normally choose a seasonal color so that's not a worry. But my SA says the lining colours I prefer are not available so I chose something which was suggested. Would like to know the list in case something pops up I didn't think of. Anyways this is placed in Paris so what do I know?

    I only do exterior and lining, sometimes contrast stitching. No bi or tri -colours for me. I like my SOs to be quite discreet.
  11. AFAIK the moment my desired colors combo hw all finalised
    My sm will immediately submit my request
    In less than 30 mins I usually will get my confirmation ans from Paris
    I do not know how they communicate
    And if I do my so in paris
    My H angel will usually ask me to return back an hour to check my combo approval
  12. This year, some of the latest seasonal colours are not offered in RAC. The list of options is very short. Very disappointing.
  13. +1 yawn
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    Hello experts,

    I went in yesterday and selected my very first SO. I am very excited. The primary color of my bag will be Blue electrique,which were only available in Epsom and Togo. I selected Epsom because i thought the color seemed a little more vibrant in the Epsom and also because I wanted a lighter (weight) bag. How do you think it will hold up? I was playing around in Instagram and saw that someone was offered and purchased an Epsom B. To me the bag looks a little shriveled, if that makes sense, and now I am concerned.
  15. From what I understand, and the experiences of many recent posters, there seems to be a shortage of the chèvre that's used for lining this year. I had this problem in spring.

    As far as approvals go, it does seem to go through Paris so it depends where you are. I place my SOs in Paris also and when they "ran out" of my lining color, my SA called me immediately, probably day after my order. Basically I was getting a call every day for a few days with leather shortages, but it was all in the lining.