help - space-age chanel bag in 1999?

  1. hello :smile:

    i can't remember the name or find a picture.. it's been driving me nuts. there was a space-age sort of looking, sculpted bag in 1999.. what was it called? can anyone find a picture of it?

    thank you!!
  2. Did it look like the headrest on a car?
  3. yes, kind of! it was sloped! almost like the back support foams some people put in their office chairs? (if memory serves.. lol)
  4. It wasn't this one, was it? I don't know if this one was from 1999.
    chanel future.jpg
  5. the one i'm thinking of is very similar to the picture! Perhaps just a different color! it definitely had the logo on a circle on the side.

    my memory is a little hazy, but i think it was dark gray or maybe black, and it might have had a slight quilted pattern/texture?
  6. The one in the picture... I think Blue Nile was still selling them a while back. I think those are the 2.55 bags that Karl L. reworked.
  7. Blue Nile or Bluefly? (I just looked at Blue Nile's site and it seems like they mostly have jewelry and watches?)
  8. It was on the bluefly site a few months ago.
  9. I remember those lol!
  10. darn, i missed it by a few months? :sad: i looked through pages and pages of eBay pictures and still didn't see it.. no one else can remember the name either, huh? :smile:
  11. thats one funky lookin
  12. whoa, interesting!