Help!!!!!! SOS, I had to return my whiskey shoulder bag....

  1. Okay, the horrible day arrived After 3 or 4 trys and weighing my whiskey shoulder tote empty and filled against the signature weight at least 2 lbs more. I wept a bit as my herniated discs just went wild..and headed for my favorite outlet that did me a favor and called distribution where I ordered it from. They were extremely nice and I got some free counseling along with the return credit card and was assured the pce was coming very soon... and they were sure something else would catch my eye..but I sniffled just the same. I have all the accessories and no leather shoulder...The shoulder zip in tan as a no no. But those of you interested in what the Florida outlet had...The Hamptons totes and weekend totes are not so nice. They did have some scribble patchwork in the small over the shoulder crossbody and 2 hobos. They had a few Hamptons small striped handle makeup cases and wallets to match in black and in brown. The usual braided hobos and baby legacy bags, silver and white from last year with signature lining. Very cute for evening. Now I must find a whiskey shoulder zip...I must...tan is just not acceptable to me. Believe me, my back feels better but the chocolate did not help me at all....sigh, sigh sigh.......
  2. Awwww, I'm sorry you've had a hard time. You will get what you are looking for! Hang in there :smile:
  3. That must have been very hard. I could never give up my whiskey shoulder bag.
  5. Wow my spelling was not checked very well in my post. Must have been my exteme mental grief of losing that bag....I got one..I got Naples and "she is coming to me" soon by Fedex..I could not bear to give the Whiskey up, no tan for me..but my back really hurt me so much. Darn car accident. Can't wear heels either or I really suffer..but that is another tale. Darn that it could not be on the Pce event..I wonder if my regular SA will let me buy it back with the discount. Probably that would be nice.. I measured the bags and this one is really not that much smaller and it stlll has the whiskey color. I have it in khacki and espresso siggie and it is really nice. I cannot believe I almost caved on the matching wallet. Did I make a mistake? I do have a coach pink wallet in a sort of fushia pink, but light color leather and changing them...well I have enough trouble with the bags and the wristlets...Thanks all of you for caring....Lynn
  6. I got it, I got it, thanks for caring...:yahoo: It is coming from Naples..they took my gift card..and they are sending it...whoopee..whoopee..,my empty space is waiting for the shoulder zip. I think it is the one Coachnut displayed in "what is in your bag today" looked so cute!!!!!! So excited.,...
  7. Yes , thanks so much for looking for me. It is that one..but I found it, I found it in Florida and it is coming to me by FedEX in a few days. My empty space in my closet is waiting to be filled.....I an sooooo excited...thanks so much for the responses..Those bags are so missed when I bring them back, for whatever reason...Is that normal to feel such a loss about things???
  8. Congrats! I'm really glad you found it locally. I love that color as well and have been trying to figure out an economical (as if) way to get my hands on one. Remember to post pics of you modeling it when it comes! I agree the wallets are sooooo cute but I have a hard time justifying the price plus unlike purses I don't like to switch wallets that often - too many cards to insert, etc.
  9. Congrats...I am happy you found the one you are looking for! It's so awesome to have a handbag you absolutely adore!
  10. Glad you found it! I have the shoulder zip in whiskey, just adopted it and really like it. I had the shoulder bag in pond and thought it was the perfect bag but actually after trying this one on, I am much happier with the size of it! Congrats on finding yourself one!
  11. i'm sorry you had to return it
    i dont know what i would do without mine
    but im sure it will all work out for the better!!!!!
    ps the zip tops are to die for (i think i want one too)
  12. So glad you had a happy ending and could find the color you really loved! So sorry to hear about your back injury too - that stinks! I know you'll love the whiskey zip - can't wait to see pics once you get it!
  13. Congrats....glad you found one!!!
  14. Thanks all of you, for your understanding of how I loved loved this bag and hated to give it up. I guess some of us are sensitive to the heavy ones or prefer zippers or totes. Heavy bags just kill me and those are the ones I admire the most. I will take pics as soon as I figure out to upload my profile on that memebership square. I still have the pink hip bag with the wristlet to show all of you. I do not understand it, I have tried to upload 5 ot 6 pics of me on the side instead of in the text and it appears in the text and keeps rejecting it on my profile. Maybe they pics are too big? Seems so easy and it does not work...Someone tell me how to get my pic under my membership name please if you can? Then I can add to the post too and post away . I will show you my whole collection. Too