Help!!! Sos!!! Asap!!!

  1. ok, so im going to a fancy dress party tomorrow and its a totally last minute thing!
    me and my mate have decided to go as like 80's fame style and have some ideas but any others would be totally welcomed!
    were thinking neon footless tights in like neon yellow and neon pink, rara skirts, neon tshirt/vest top, either white lace up pumps or brightly coloured platformy style heels and loads of sweat bands/legwarmers/bright eye makeup etc...!

    what do you all think? and what else would you suggest we do to add to our look?

    dont worry! ill post 'after' pictures lol! its guna be hillarious! :roflmfao:
  2. Take an old sweatshirt and cut out the neckband so that it falls off one shoulder. Wear a headband. Fingerless lace gloves. Ankle socks with pumps.
  3. ooooooh i LOVE the fingerless lace gloves idea! i totally hadnt thought about that!
    think ill put my hair in a high pony tail with it all quite scruffy too!
    i dont have any old sweatshirts though :sad: thats why we were just going to wear like neon colour tee shirts or vest tops, layer them with something else! :S if we could find one of them old net tops! that would be brill lol
  4. Make sure that ponytail is worn off to one side.
  5. haha oh yer! thanks :smile:
  6. A Madonna style 'BOYTOY' belt would look good, it's a shame its such short notice!
  7. If you have bangs/fringe, POUF it UP!!! And no platforms, instead wear pointy toe stilletos if you have them. The bobby socks is very 80s with the pumps too, a la ZZ Top "Legs" video, hahaha. Oh, the memories. :shame: Hot pink lipstick, lots of colorful eyeshadow. Overdone, yes, but pretty!

    Have fun!
  8. legwarmers!! I am a cild of the 80's and my cousin used to use me to try makeup on I always remeber a eyeshadow that had 4 neon colours and she would but all 4 on me in sections not blended! looked pretty good but it was many years ago & I was a child so what the hell do I know :roflmfao:
  9. use a scarf ring on an oversized tee!
  10. I can't wait for the pics! :p
  11. ahhh how did it go gucci :biggrin:

    don't suppose you are up just yet, if it was as good a night as it sounds like it was gonna be ;)

    tell us all what you decided on wearing later!!!
  12. omg we looked brill haha! well... as good as we could get lol!
    but everybody kept asking who we were! :rolleyes: mostly men ofcourse haha!
    anyways... pics time! :p if they'll work that is...




    my piccys wont work! :sad: and my camera ones i had developed but they have to be scanned in yet! theyre the best ones :nuts:
  13. gucci_girl_gg! u did it :yahoo:

    totally fun!
  14. lol ive got to say it was so much fun! we felt really stupid at first and so very nearly didnt wear them! :O
    we ended up in a club afterwards aswell lol totally unashamed! it was FAB we requested FAME but the DJ played FLASHDANCE so we cant complain lol! we must of looked stupid then trying to flashdance dance haha!
  15. Too fun!!!