HELP! - Sophie issue.


Eleventh & Sixteenth
May 7, 2008
So im extremely interesting in buy a used sophie from a Seller.
There are picture posted of the bag and the bag opened, looks like the real deal.

When asked for closer picture, they replied with they have a crappy camera and couldnt take close ups then I asked them a few detailed questions about the item because im quite interested in it.

Hopefully You guys can help me out.

[FONT=arial,sans-serif]The zippers say Marc Jacobs. The outer compartment zipper is
broken. On the back of the zipper says, Lampo. The buckles say
Marc jacobs. This was a gift about 8 years ago from my husband.
It IS authentic. Thanks.

[FONT=arial,sans-serif](Do older MJ sophies have Lampo zippers? and whats the process like getting a zipper fixed say at like nordstroms?)

Thanks so much in advance! :flowers:

(Correction on Sophia in title) lol
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