Help something very strange has happened to my paypal account and ebay

  1. I am selling a prada phone on eBay and a member asked me if I would sell for a lot of money to him so I said yes, I then got an email from paypal from the address:

    Saying funds had been sent, I then checked my paypal account and nothing was there, I then cheked the email again and it says that you get the funds once they have a tracking no entered and it is meant to go to Nigeria, is this a scam? Is my account about to be overtaken?
  2. I have tried to put the email here but cant get it to
  3. I am sure it is a scam. I would contact PayPal via telephone immediately.
  4. Yes, it sounds like a scam! Call eBay, and you may want to change your password ASAP.
  5. I just forwarded it to paypal and they said to go and change my password and so I have, I am really worried though!
  6. Can't you look at the source of the email and tell if it's sent via paypal or not? Whenever paypal sends me phishing emails I always check the source...
  7. Delete the e-mail!! If you get anything like this just check your Paypal account and if nothing is there delete and move on.....did you open any attachments on the e-mail?

    NEVER sell a mobile phone to anyone in any African countries as they are ALWAYS scams.

    You really ought to browse some of the discussion boards on eBay as the site is rife with these scams. I never sell mobiles to anyone outside the UK as it's too easy to get stung
  8. do you have norton installed
    it tells me if its a fraud e mail or phising website its worth every penny
  9. If you have a virus program like Norton, McAffee, or AOL I would do a quick search. I've gotten keystroke programs from e-mails like these installed on my computer. With a keystroke program they can record any username and password you input (i.e., bank, credit cards, etc.) I agree to delete the e-mail too.
  10. Do a live chat with ebay and make sure your account hasn't been compromised. Go into ebay & PP and change your passwords.
  11. and another thing,
    phone to Nigeria IS ALWAYS a scam!
  12. Scam. I receive them every once in a while. Just be careful and always check Paypal directly if you are unsure of the email source. They will NEVER send you emails asking for sensitive or financial information.
  13. I've actually read of a number of scams originating in Nigeria involving car parts, motorcycles, and tools. Looks like they've branched out. I hope you've gotten everything straightened out. Its good to change ebay and PayPal passwords every ninety days or so. I'm hyper-alert to the possibility of fraud and therefore in constant search of technological tips and safety techniques.
  14. I love Norton too!

    Back to the topic, yes this is definitely a scam. You have changed your password so you should be okay, I don't think your account has been overtaken. It's just some scammer trying to get something for nothing.