Help! Someone used my Sac Rayures GM pics on Ebay!!!

  1. You can report this to eBay. Click on their auction, at the bottom of the page, click "Report This Item". It's NOT O.K. for someone to use your photos without permission.

    Good luck!
  2. I've reported them too if everyone can report tham we may have a better chance of them taking it down the same thing happened to Jill too but they used her modelling pics!
  3. thank you so much, Claire. I really appreciate it.
  4. This happened to me, use the reporting feature. I tried to reason with the seller and it wasn't pretty for me.

    I feel your pain!!!
  5. OMG!! That is horrible!! I've reported it too!!! Good luck Bianca!!!
  6. reported =)
  7. thanks everyone! i really appreciate all your help.
  8. Someone did this to me too, but I didn't realize it until AFTER the auction. I went ahead and emailed the winner of the auction, and she was totally turned off because she probably bought a fake. In the end it all worked out, eBay cancelled the transaction, and the winner didn't get a potentially fake bag. The seller had the audacity to email me and tell me that "imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery!!" I replied back with, "borrowing" someone's photos for auction purposes was bascially a form of fraud.
    Bianca, I hope the auction ends without anyone buying a fake bag, and that ebay removes your photos. I would email the seller and let them know you are "onto" them....Good luck !! p.s. were they watermarked ???
  9. That's just horrible, some of these ebay sellers are giving the legit sellers a bad rep ... I reported it too! Sorry that's happened to you!
  10. thank you so much, SweetPurple!
  11. Report to eBay and keep the seller informed.
  12. *OMG* The nerve of that person!! :mad:

    Frauds like this take the whole fun out of eBay.