Help!! Someone Scammed ME!!

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  1. Well.. I was supposed to sell my 2 Chanel bags because I need to fund it for my LV passion at the moment.. But what happened?! I LOST 3 BAGS in an instant!! Because of this darn buyer!!! I posted my bags (2 Chanels and 1 LV) over Yahoo! Auctions Hong Kong and this buyer sent me an e-mail that she has interest with my bags. She told me to call me since we both live in Hong Kong. I called her and she asked me if I have a DBS account because she only have DBS account or Citibank N.Y… I said no, and because I only have an HSBC account and Citibank account. She said if I can open a DBS account, she will transfer the money to my account as a payment because his “so-called” brother works for DBS! So lunchtime, I opened a DBS account because I got soo excited that I’m going to sell my Chanel bags higher than the retail price! So, we traded face to face in the evening afterwork and met over DBS passbook updating machine to see if the money is already there… She NEVER told me that it’s going to be a CHEQUE DEPOSIT! The cheque bounced back twice, and now, I cannot contact her.. I already reported her from the police but I only have her mobile phone and 2 e-mails sent with me as an evidence! It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t pay me back.. Just give me my babies back! Huhu.. I want to cry about what happened because the total money that she stolen from me is around USD$6700+!!!! Arghhhhh!! I feel sooo down and as well, the love for LV that I’ve been building was soo gone!! It’s soo frustrating and I was bugged a lot that I’m like not myself lately!! HUHUH!!!... L
  2. I am SO sorry....I know words cannot express how you must feel. This person is sick, how do they sleep at night? They met with you face to face and everything. I seriously am SO upset for you. Maybe some detective work of some kind could be done by you via google? I wish I could be of more comfort and help to you in this awful situation. (((Hugs to you, dear.)))

    edited to add: Watch eBay and HK sites for your bags to pop up for sale, maybe you could out her that way.....
  3. Can the police or bank do nothing?
  4. ^Thanks... My friend told me that I might try to look over the secondhand shops here in Hong Kong.. She has a good vibes that that girl sold my bags over there.. But what if I saw it there? I can't do anything because she already sold it... And it will just make me cry! Huhu!

    Google search: Can it be used also in Hong Kong?
  5. The police is still working on it... The detective said, it may ended up more than a month or so before things will be ok (but still not sure if I can get my bags back).. The police is already working with the bank about the informations, etc.. But the bank is a little bit unhelpful because they think I don't have money and because I'm not a chinese (I'm a filipino here and filipinos are a little discriminated here.. )
  6. Sadly, I do not know about google in HK... If it doesn't work in HK, then there will be something that does. Search the email address, the phone number, the name on the check to start with. Try to remember all details of your meeting, what she was wearing, if she was in a car, took, a bus, which way she walked away, etc....

    I was able to discover quite a bit about the eBay seller (who took my money and never sent the bag) by searching with google for the info I had.
  7. i'm sorry this happened to u... maybe u should've asked for cash since its a face to face trade?

    good luck with the police investigation
  8. OMG!!! I am soooo sorry this happened to you! I have one suggestion, where exactly did you meet with her? At the bank? The DBS machine you mentioned, does it maybe have video tape surveillance the police can request and maybe she's wanted for the same thing? You need to find it if there's video available wherever it was you met with her!!! Just a suggestion! Good luck...
  9. This is terrible! That person horrible. I hope the police and bank can work in your favor. Did you take photos of your bags? Hopefully that will help identify them if you find them at a resale shop. Can you trace her information through her mobile phone? Like get her address, etc that way?
  10. Wow...sorry to hear this! I hope the police catch her.

  11. Brilliant idea!!!
  12. The bank should have the security camera on and the tape, I'm sure the police will find the person if there is a record/face. If the girl has sold them to a secondhand store, the store will have records. Give that a try and ask around. Show them pictures too. Get a Chinese-speaking friend to go with you if possible.

    There was a shoplifting incidence at my brother's shop, my brother has the whole incident video-taped. He reported it to the police. Then he found out the shoplifter was listing the item on eBay, he won the listing, and let the police meet the shoplifter. The shoplifter was arrested right there. He had to go to court and the item was used as evidence, but he got it back.

    Good luck!
  13. Wow, great for your brother! I hope the same can work out for her Chanels.
  14. I am sooo sooo sorry this has happened to you! Many hugs from over the net!
  15. wow, i'm so sorry this happened to you!! geez, i can't believe how someone could just scam you like that! i wish you the very best of luck in tracking this person down. like the other posters said, you should ask about the surveillance cameras, that would be a way to idenitify her to the cops...and if she's scammed you there's a very good chance she's scammed many others before and is thus wanted already by the police...