HELP someone, are these real or fake?!!!!!!

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  1. hi, im new to eBay and this website buti really need someones help to help me identify that if this coach bag is real or not. i dont know why i won the auction but now i HAVE to buy it but it looks so fake. i was just getting carried away with the first time ebayer thing :crybaby:but now im obligated to buy this bag for over $100


    HHELP HELP HELP:tdown:
    f8da_0.jpg f770_0.jpg fa0c_1.jpg fb71_0.jpg
  2. yeah, thats fake. sorry you're getting ripped off.

    next time, look around a bit in these threads to find out about fake vs authentic bags.
  3. Oh, hun, I'm sorry! That's definitely a fake. You can tell by the font "COACH" is in on that horrid hangtag. And the paper tag. And the creed and-- well, there are a lot of reasons.

    Don't pay for it and contact the seller, telling them that you've found out it's a fake bag, and selling fakes is illegal, and you're not going to pay for it.... at least, that's what I'd do.

    Also, for future reference, you can post any questions about authenticity in the "AUTHENTICATE THIS COACH!" thread and the experts there will be happy to help you-- they usually respond very quickly!
  4. It's definately fake, the embossed suede just looks gross!!! I would definately not pay for it, the worst that can happen is you take a hit to your feedback, however, if you report it to eBay they should do something.
    I would absolutely not pay for it though!!!
  5. ookay thank you guys sooooo much!!! yes i havent paid for it yet and im going to go ahead and message the user saying its such a fake! thanks for the help guysss!!!!! :heart:
  6. YUp def. fake! I hope you weren't expecting to pay too much for it.

    Yeah the metal hangtag and the paper tag def. give it away...


    Get aquainted with this foruma nd the Authenticate This thread before you buy it helps soooo much!
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