HELP someone, are these real or fake?!!!!!!

  1. hi, im new to eBay and this website buti really need someones help to help me identify that if this coach bag is real or not. i dont know why i won the auction but now i HAVE to buy it but it looks so fake. i was just getting carried away with the first time ebayer thing :crybaby:but now im obligated to buy this bag for over $100


    f8da_0.jpg f770_0.jpg fa0c_1.jpg fb71_0.jpg
  2. There is a COACH forum with an "authenticate this" sticky-- go post your request there and you should have tons of helpful folks comment :smile:

    PS Welcome!
  3. FAKE but post in above stickys for future reference.
  4. HOW CAN I delete this?
  5. Hi. The price tag & Coach Hangtag are dead giveaways. Do not pay for it. Tell the seller you now know it is fake. It is illegal to sell fakes. Tell her you will mutually agree to not go through with the transaction. DO NOT PAY FOR IT. Also hit the bottom button on the auction to report it as a fake. Go though the entire menu until you get to e-mail eBay. Click on that and then make sure you send the auction number to eBay.
  6. :sad:(( i guess we learn from mistakes! i ddint pay for it yet and i will use everyones advice! thanks so much!!!!!!! but i dont know if ill get in toruble for not buyin it since i won the bid!
  7. It is definitely fake. Go on Ebay live and ask their advice...
  8. For eBay's perspect, they want you complete the transaction then file a dispute. What a waste of time. I understand you are new to eBay. Next time just make sure to check with tPF members here for help to authenticate it before placing your bids.

    For now, tell the seller it is illegal to sell fakes on eBay. Ask for a mutual agreement to cancel the transaction. Worse comes worse, you don't pay it and receive a non-paying stike. If the seller leaves you a negative feedback, you can return him/her one saying the bag is a fake.

    If you choose to chat with eBay live help, I wouldn't suggest you mention you verified with tFP forum members since we are not an official. You could tell them you show the listing pictures to a Coach store and they told you that is a fake.