Help! Some one stole my MJ photoes

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  1. They only have an email address, no phone support at this time.

    Try this:
  2. Unfortunately, this problem is very common on iOffer. My photos were stolen last year from ebay and used on that disgusting website. I complained to the admins on that site, and I sent the photo thief several nasty messages telling her to remove my photos immediately and that he/she should be ashamed.
  3. sorry this is happening to you OP
    best to contact ioffer and write the seller an email.

    good luck! :flowers:
  4. Well, I did Email them saking them not to use my photoes anymore. No reponse! How ashamed!
  5. From now on, don't post any photos without watermarking them with your ID.
  6. dont forget to add "Not For Sale" as i've seen some ladies do here..