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  1. Hi Everyone,

    There seem to be lots of pet lovers (and people who spend a lot of time in cyberspace) around here, so in case any of you never heard of the animal rescue site, please pay them a visit. You can click to send food to animals in shelters and it's free:smile: You can have them send you a reminder email each day. There are also links to help w/ breast cancer, hunger, literacy, sick kids, and the rain forest! It's very legit:

    PS. given all the craziness around here, I was a little worried to post this in case it would seem like "spam" but I didn't think charity sites would be inappropriate? Moderators, please let me know if I've done anything taboo, thanks!
  2. mandm i think that's wonderful :P.........i love my baby and it's great i can finally do something semi-productive with all the time i spend online :shame:
  3. Ooooh! *clicky clicky
    Passed it along to friends also. Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much for this info..We have a Shiba Inu 10 year old dog and are looking to get another one...Found a listing here!!! Will call tomorrow and let you know what happens....Thanks!!
  5. Wow! That will be really exciting if it works out Jill -- you will have to let us know. And post pics!

    Thanks for clicking and passing to your friends JC and danika:smile:
  6. Sorry to bump my own thread...but I thought work hours would be a good time for everyone to click for animals:smile: (if you're like me, you might be procrastinating anyway....)
  7. I'm clicking- thanks
  8. Excellent post, mandm!
  9. i've been clicking there, every morning, for years :smile:
  10. I always go click there too! and buy stuff off that site sometimes.
  11. clicking away...
  12. I do this everyday when I log on at work. So easy so everyone please do it if you can :shame:
  13. I'm a clicker too--while you're on that site, you can click for the breast cancer site, rainforest site, children's health site, and others. Good causes!
  14. Bump :biggrin:

    Mandm, what bag did you buy in the end (to carry your books and stuff)?
  15. Awww that is such a great website! :smile:
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