help solve this problem...

  1. my left foot is .5 -1 size smaller than my right (depending on the brand)

    what type of inserts do i use to solve this?

    also, i am considering a pair of 37.5 CL prive's which will probaly fit my right foot fine, but i am afriad of my left food swimming in them even more so than in a 37. any suggestions? just stay at a size 37?
  2. noooooooooo!! you could try a heel grip if your foot is shorter, or even a soft pad, kind of like those foam anti stinky ones sorry, can't remember what they are called!

    if that doesn't work, you could always just put a few pieces of cotton wool in the toe of the smaller shoe .
  3. Hmmm... a 1/2 to full size? I'm usually about 1/4 size off and I use pads that stick on the heel cup or at the toe pad.

    Do you know your regular Louboutin size? Louboutin's are the most inconsistant in sizing of any shoe designer, I think. For instance, I can wear anywhere from a 38 to a 40 in Louboutins! My Very Prives are 39.5 and 39, depending on material. It's best if you can try it on at a department store.