HELP!!! sold out online can I find it in stores?

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  1. Hey everyone, so I've been stalking a gucci clutch for sometime now and it it finally came on sale I got home to buy it tonight and it was sold out on the gucci site :wtf:!!! Do you think I could still get it in the stores for the same price if I call around?
  2. what clutch?
  3. they have it available at the outlets. there was a hard markdown on them to $159. the outlets will do charge sends for $10 shipping. Call Marissa.

    Marissa Hernandez
    GUCCI San Marcos
    (512) 392-9130

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  4. It got marked down yesterday and vanishes within hours, hope you can score one for 159$
  5. Got it ladies! Thank you so much. Marissa was super sweet and the bag is in transit. I can't wait to open it up. YES! :yahoo: