HELP! Sold Authentic LV French Purse - Buyer has remorse & claims faults * HELP!

  1. HELP!

    My daughter sold her perfect condition authentic LV french wallet.
    I know for a fact - It was in perfect condition as my daughter did not use it at all -
    because she preferred a pti wallet.

    The buyer email stating she did not like have to reach deep in the bill pocket for her bills and wanted to return it. Now she is emailing back stating there are all kind of cracks and pen marks - THERE WERE NONE AT all!
    I'm afraid she's going to return me a wallet that she marked up - what can I do to protect myself?
    Thank you - I'm so frustrated!
  2. As long as you posted clear pictures of the condition in the listing you will be fine. Also save your email just in case she files a claim at PayPa because they are a clearly proof of buyers remorse. You may want to clear your $$$ from PayPal for now as well.
  3. Thanks Geniepr!

    I transfered money to my bank account from my paypal account - she's email that she's going to do a credit card reversal.
    What a pain!
    My daughter is only getting emails at eBay messages and not her email account where I can catch the headers. I'll have to see how we can get the headers from the eBay messages - any suggestions?
  4. Ask your buyer to send you pics of the damages she is claiming - you should be able to determine from those whether she is about to do a switcharoo on you.

    Do not worry about the headers thru the myebay console. You do not need them. Its a good thing your buyer is sending the messages thru the console because eBay is able to view them if necessary. What you might one to do is keep them saved.
  5. ok - thank you so much.
    Your responses have help take the edge off my ebay bummed out ness.
  6. I think you are getting great advice here, by the way! What a shame to be forced to deal with buyer's remorse which is exactly what this sounds like. Yes, do save all correspondence with this buyer and, of course, your photos and some "snapshots" of your auction. Wishing you a happy outcome on this one!!!