Help! So what are the chances of finding an.....

  1. ALL ZUCCA SPY????? I have called several Fendi Boutiques and had several SAs state, "they don't exist!!" :confused1: I don't want the one with the leather on the sides, just the one that is all zucca ( I believe one of the Olsen girls has/had one)

    So is this going to be a wild goose chase? Any help would be appreciated!!:idea:
  2. it does exist... I think they are pretty rare, though. I believe baglady.1 has one. not sure where she got it from.
  3. I called several of the boutiques and they swear it was never made, so they are not much help and 90% of the spies on eBay are sad:crybaby:I am going to have to pick another holy grail!
  4. pretty sure they are wrong, because one of the olsen twins definitely had one, and baglady.1 would know if hers was fake (or imaginary!)
  5. That's weird that the boutiques are saying that.. Well I'm not going to be much help but I hope you find one!
  6. i know that bag borrow or steal has one there! BUT it might actually be unavailable! That spy is so cute! Good
  7. This bag was definitely made...It may have been only sold in Europe though?? My mum has this bag and I believe she bought it in Italy a few years ago! Hope you find is a very light practical bag!
  8. It was definitely made. And just for future reference, many SA's (at Fendi and elsewhere) do not know more than a season or two worth of history. That's what we're here for. :p Collectively, we've got the memory of a ginooooormous pachyderm!
  9. Oh, and BagLady, please do share re: your all-Zucca Spy here!
  10. Lucky lady's off in Fiji somewhere snorkeling and soaking in the sun... :beach:
  11. Thanks so much- you all are great!! I used to have two spies- a denim and a black...sold them both, but have renewed my love for the Fendi Spy (w/ some Bbags in there:graucho:) I need to start checking Jomashop again!!!
  12. RolexGirl -- Sorry I have been out of town...:beach:

    The Zucca Zucca most certainly exists! I believe it is discontinued by FENDI...have seen only 2005 and early 2006 zucca zucca bags.

    Every once in a while they show up on eBay, but get the bag authenticated with all things on eBay, Fakes exist. :crybaby:

    BTW, use my zucca zucca a lot, great casual & around town wear...its really cute!:yahoo:

  13. Wow Baglady, that spy awesome. It just looks like fun :smile: Welcome back, hope you had a great vacation!!
  14. Thanks for posting your beautiful Zucca Zucca!! She is very pretty!:love:
  15. baglady, I love your Zucca Zucca! Very unique and classy piece ;)