HELP! So angry! Should I confront this person?

  1. I need some advice before I drive myself insane with anger!

    I've told this story before, but now I have proof.

    In Nov 05, I sold a pair of jeans to a girl in the US. She paid with Paypal, her address was confirmed, and item was shipped out immediately. A month later she filed a chargeback because of fraudulent transactions happening on her account. During that time I was in contact with her and she said she would get it sorted because she did indeed make the purchase from me! Well, over a year and I have received nothing. She closed off that eBay account.

    Even though I had proof of post and delivery, Paypal refused to lift a finger to help!

    No need to tell you I was angry, still am. I was talking to another seller at the time who have had many transactions with the buyer on her multiple accounts. The seller pointed me to one such account... Her previous username on this new account, points directly to her. I have never confronted her, because I don't like confrontation...

    She is now using this other account to sell. I've been watching her auctions, and look what I find her selling this week:

    eBay: Sass & Bide Frayed Misfits gray jeans denim pants 27 9 (item 170086399757 end time Mar-11-07 19:33:42 PDT)

    The jeans she STOLE from me! :cursing:

    Please advise me as to what I should do before I drive myself insane!

    In case you all don't know, I am in Australia and we are not protected against chargebacks by Paypal, even though her address was confirmed. They can't do anything and there's no seller protection. What is the point to confirming addresses if Paypal can't guarantee the person lives there?

    I can't take it up with paypal now. Should I confront this person? What should I say? I've tried to let this go, but can't. Not when she's right there!

    Please help! :hysteric:
  2. Oh WOW!!!!! Im sorry :sad:

    Have you contacted eBay and if so, what did they say?

    Knowing ME. I would confront her. However, I know that isnt for everyone!

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
  3. So sorry this happened to you Lean
    Definitely confront her. This is shocking!
    Unfortunately I have found out to my loss that Paypal is no protection even shipping to confirmed address!
    Can you get proof of receipt from Post Office?
    If not did she leave you feedback after the transaction? That is proof that she received.
    Report her to eBay for sure.
    Good luck but I am not very hopeful that you will get your money back
    The absolute cheek of her & of paypal!

    I have just blocked her from bidding on my auctions & I think everyone reading this post should do likewise! Sorry won't help you Lean but at least by posting this you may have helped others from being scammed by this crook! So thanks!
  4. Thanks for your reply.

    Back then, I contacted ebay who told me to talk to Paypal coz payment was made through paypal. I haven't contacted them about this auction, because they'd probably give me the run around. They won't do anything.

    What would you say if you were me?
  5. Write directly to Ebay at;

    Explain the whole thing to them, including yours and her auction numbers, and any other report references you have and see if they will help you. They're usually pretty good in that office and if something CAN be done they'll take care of it there.
  6. Well knowing scamers like her, she will probably just stick her tongue out at you and say BOOHOO! LOL That happened to me recently when I was defending a fellow TPFer who had pictures stolen! Some people have no soul. So no matter what you say, it bounces off of them. Sad really.

    Im not sure what I would say. Id have to think about it. Hmmmmmm
  7. I have proof from Australia Post to say it was delivered, but she never left me feedback. Before she filed the claim, she had ample time to leave me feedback but never did. She left it for other people. So I guess she had planned to steal from me the whole time, by not leaving feedback. I was gullible and believed that she would get it sorted. :sad: I had filed a payment not received on that item too, but she kept telling me that she would get it sorted until ebay closed the claim so I lost the fees as well.

    Ebay won't do anything. They will just say I don't have proof that it's the same person even though they share the same name and both live in the same suburb.

  8. Why don't you buy the jeans & do a chargeback then you get your item back
  9. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I would be so upset. I can't believe she's getting away with that!! You should be refunded, and she should be suspended. I wish I had some advice for you. You really need to be able to contacted ebay and resolve this.
  10. Well, she's one of those sellers who considers WORN and WASH ONCE as NEW WITHOUT TAGS! :yucky:
  11. Oh ok so they have been used so no good to you to resell. What a b****!
    I guess you are just going to have to swallow this one Lean if ebay won't help, so sorry!
    But you know it would be worth it to buy them to leave bad feedback & warn other buyers! Spoil her future sales & purchases!
    Set up a new ebay account & do it!
  12. :yes::yes::yes: I think that's the only one way to do to cheat her back~I mean, she scam you, why you not cheat her, too? Don't confront her via eBay ask seller question. You know, my best friend ever did it, asked via eBay to woman stole her LV ( similiar thing happened to her ). That nasty woman reported my friend to eBay as harrass her and tried to cheat her :cursing: ( what??? ). eBay suspended my friend!

    I'll ask her about shipping or something to ind you her email address. Don't do it by yourself or your acc, use another acc to ask her via eBay.
  13. Reading this really makes me very angry!!!. I hate scammers and con artists. If I were you I'd cheat her back. Do the same thing what she did to you. It is your jeans since she never paid you for it.
  14. lol....i KNEW that seller was a scammer...she is soo rude...i was asking her about an item she was selling and she was nasty in her responce to me ...i believe she also has other accounts to bring the bidding up on items she deems should go for more. Im sorry you have to deal with a nasty person. if your going to contact her don't do it threw ebay.
  15. SOLIDGOLD2, you ( or your fams or friend ) have the similiar problem with her? She looks have good collections but not sure if those all her personal collections, not stole from the other ppl :yucky: