Help! Smell from bag

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  1. Anyone is familiar with SAKS return policy? I recently purchased from SAKS a S/S 08 reissue that I really love and always wanted for a long time. After carried it once, I notice a funny smell that come from the inside of the bag. The SA told me it was a return so that I was able to get it eventhough the color is sold out. I don't know if the person who returned it before was a smoker or because the bag was sitting in the box for a long time. Please help, return or try to get rid of the color. Thanks so much
  2. Saks return policy is 60 days with tags and receipt. Did you contact the SA whom you purchased from?
  3. That's too bad since you have wanted the bag for so long.

    If the policy is 60 days, put the SA on notice that you may return it, but why don't you leave the tags on it and hang it in the open for 30 days.

    I bought an Hermes off of eBay that, ahem, came from a non-smoking home and I could smell it through the box when it arrived. I was PO'd, but it was a deal and I hung it in my laundry area for two weeks and it is all better - fresh as the mountain sun - LOL!

    Hope you resolve the issue.
  4. I use the bag candy from to get rid of the smell and it's pretty good
  5. Thanks you all for your great advice
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.