HELP, skin torn after eyebrow waxing

  1. I got my eyebrows waxed and the woman tore the skin underneath my brows. it's red and a little bit itchy/swollen (healing i hope). im worried it's going to scar and leave marks. how should i treat this? i've been putting antibiotic ointment on it but im so worried it'll get infected and scar.
  2. I think there is a topic ointment called scarderma or something like that. It should help heal without scaring.
  3. Ahh Morningstar! I've never had this happen to me or any of my friends; I'm so sorry that it had to happen to you! I couldn't tell you whether or not it would scar; however, you definitely should clean the torn skin, and possibly find an ointment to treat the irritation and help speed up the healing process. I'll go google some brand names and get back to you with them if I find any!

    You should have asked for a refund! :cursing:
  4. Are you using retin-a or any retinol products?
  5. Oh my gosh! I would be so angry if this happened to me.

    Do you have any neosporin at home? If you rub a bit of that on where it's torn it may help a bit!
  6. I have to tweeze my eyebrows now b/c I have the same reaction to waxing. It started several years ago when I used Retin-A. Even though I haven't used it in about ten years, my skin will still peel and turn red and sore.

    The salons will tweeze your eyebrows for the same price as waxing (at least mine does). Hope you heal soon. I think keeping cream or lotion on it is the best thing to do. Oh, and wear big sunglasses so sun doesn't get on your skin.
  7. This has happened to me before. I have VERY sensitive skin, and I was on acne medication too at the time. Give it a week and you'll look beautiful again! Just put neosporin and take some antihisamines too, they really help with swelling! Maybe an aspirin too. But don't worry too much, it's not going to scar. I know it's embarrassing and you think everyone will be staring at your eyebrows for a week, but it goes by quick. Just wear sunglasses and a hat if you can.

    Like LeeLee said, I also have the salon tweeze out my eyebrows instead. It works just as well, and there is no chance of getting your skin torn off! Ask for that next time.
  8. Oh im so sorry to hear about that. I think using an ointment will be fine, if it gets worse maybe you could see a dermatologist.

    Off topic: my dermatologist prescribed a Retin-A creme for my arms ( i have some slight marks and bumps on my upper arm), but I put off using it because im going to be at the beach in a week. But after reading some of the posts, should I not use it, because I do regularly wax my arms?
  9. my dermatologist has told me that as long as you don't use retin-A for a few days before you get waxed, it will be fine. i use retin-A as needed on my face, and when i know i'll be getting waxed, i stop using it for about three days before.
  10. I used Tazorac (another hard-core acne treatment like Retin-A) and my skin was HORRIFIC when I got waxed. So definitely stop at least a week before going. Or, just have them pluck. You can keep using your medication with no problems. Then you're zit-free and have beautiful, glamorous brows!
  11. I had this happen to me a day after I had a light chemical peel. I should of had the wax first, then the peel. I learned my lesson. Neosporin works great to reduce the risk of scaring. I agree with stopping any kind of skin treatment, including facial peels, medication, etc about a week before you wax.
  12. This has happened to me so many times! Don't worry, it won't scar, but you should use some over the counter cream like Neosporin. Good luck!
  13. I always keep some neosporin at home. I am the most clumsy person in the world, and I love heels, (hardly ever wear flats), whether neosporin actually works for your eyebrow incident that happened (So sorry about that!! I would definently have asked for a refund) my advice is to always keep a little tube of it at home.
  14. This also happens to me often when I get my eyebrows waxed. It's always in the same spot. It's often not the fault of your technician (Although it can be attributed to wax that is too hot.) and more just your skin.It's just one of the risks associated with waxing, please don't ask her for a refund as it is more than likely not her fault and it's more than likely going to happen ANYWHERE you take your eyebrows and your tender skin. Make sure you let her know that this happened and she may want to avoid wax in that area for at least 6 months or it will just continue to happen. She may also want to use a cold wax on that area in the future as this will help avoid the problem.
    In the mean time, just keep putting the ointment on it. It won't scar but will heal up nicely in a few days.

    P.S. Don't EVER wax over any area that you've applied Retin-A to as it will absolutely tear the skin off. Glycolic peel, Vitamin C Serum, ANY types of resurfacing agents and hot wax DO NOT MIX!
  15. I personally would be hesitant to do the waxing and use Retin-A, but you may want to get your dermatologist's advice. Retin-A seems to me to be a really strong and wonderful medicine, but after my experience with my eyebrows, I would caution you about your arms.