Help! Silverado Tote or Hobo?

  1. I'm not sure either style really appeals to me! Do you already have the original Silverado, and if so, in what kind of leather? And what other Chloe bags do you have? I guess it would be good to buy something a bit different to what you already own.
  2. I have the hobo in black and LOVE it!
  3. of those two bags, the Hobo wins hands down (great price too!)
  4. Thanks Girls!
    I'm still so undecided!
    They are both great prices the Tote was $3460 - sale $1379 and the Hobo $1745 - sale $873.
  5. I have a couple of python bags, and as hands down gorgeous as they are, I find myself not wearing them so often because I am afraid of getting stuck in the rain with them. Would that be an issue for you?

    But with that said, the python scales are actually quite durable and my bags are aging beautifully. I'm not sure how anaconda compares to python...?

    If you're not afraid of getting caught in the rain, I say go for the anaconda. It's different and it's gorgeous!:heart:
  6. Im loving the leather hobo!! Thats definetely my vote!!
  7. Thanks girls! I appreciate everyones opinions! Heading out later today, will need to figure it out by then!
  8. I bought the Anaconda Tote --- OMG it's so soft and beatiful!
    Photos soon!
    Thanks to everyone that replied!
  9. You lucky girl! I wish i can afford another bag! i will buy the same thing!
  10. Good choice an amazing bag & a great price!
  11. Hmm, I don't too much like either. I like the regular Silverado. And I personally like it in silver leather, and would like python, but not a brown python. :shrugs:
  12. Hobo. I have one in anthracite and love it!