Help Silverado size question...?

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  1. I was thinking that I really need a silverado in my collection but was wondering about the sizes:

    Is the medium really small? It looks way smaller than the med paddy satchel is that right? I am about 5.7 weight approx.126 would it look ridiciulous on me?
    I looked thru the Chloé in action thread but the only one I am shure is a med is lordguinny's and she is probably smaller than me, do you guys have pics?
    What can you fit in there?

    Thanks for all your help you're the best!:yes:
  2. hey catcat i actually have the exact same question and was about to ask =)
    would be lovely if someone here can help us out. :flowers:

    i was wondering how big would that be in real life and how much stuff can it hold.

    thanks everyone in advance :cutesy:
  3. I am shure that there are a lot of you silverado owners out there, able to help us out pleaaaase:woohoo:.
  4. the medium silverado is 16 inches long. I don't think it will look bad on you at all.

    The large is 20 inches long and i heard looks like luggage.
  5. i was wondering about the handle drop measurements... how easily can you carry a regular silverdao over your shoulder?

    p.s. d&g...i am crediting you and your latest threads with my interest in silverados again!
  6. I can only answer as to the original style Silveradoes. I'm barely 5' 5", smallish frame, and love big bags. The medium is about 16.5 inches long and the large is almost 20 inches long. The medium is not a little bitty bag by most people's standards. I wouldn't call the large exactly luggagey (that would be the large Edith), but I have to say that after always having python versions, the large in leather seemed pretty big. For me, the problem was more the bulk factor. I like the large size because it stays better on my shoulder, but I didn't like the bulkiness under my arm, and how far out from my body it seemed to go. I have a large leather Silverado tote with pockets on the outside and I feel I have to grapple with it, but the size itself still doesn't dwarf me. I have several large, nice and squishey python bags and love them and use them all the time. The medium might seem small to a larger/taller who prefers big bags. I hope I haven't confused this more! So much comes down to personal preference.
  7. I have the regular/medium Silverado and it is almost the exact same size as a regular paddy :yes:

    It has about the same capacity and the handles fit easy over the shoulder.

    I did own a large Silverado as well for a while but it was too big for me personally and if you like the regular paddy size then you are definately best sticking with regular Silverado IMO.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous bag - especially in python ;)

  8. It's all about being enabled or to enable someone else :p

    Me, i prefer carrying the silverado on my arm.. but, i've carried it on my shoulder before.
  9. Hey catcat,
    I'm about the same size as you, even a couple of inches taller, and I carry the medium silverado a lot. I don't consider it to be a "tiny" bag at all, and I never even considered the fact that it might be too small for a tall-ish gal like me. It's roughly the same size as the regular sized paddy. You can fit a lot in it, definitely a good every day bag in my opinion.

    I don't love the larger sized silverado, unless it's the doctor bag. I like the large doctor bag silverado.
  10. Very easily, unless you have on a bulky coat, I'd say.

    Like D&G, I tend to carry mine in the crook of my arm though for some reason.
  11. I have a medium silverado hobo and I think its a good size. This is not the exact color I have but its the same exact style: Silverado Hobo The large really is big.

    catcat, I don't know if this is a style you are considering but sizewise its very good. I know for a fact it fits as much as a Balenciaga City since I fill my Bbag almost to capacity and I can put the same amount in the silverado hobo.

    Chico, I hope you understand the comparison :yes: because I know catcat knows Bbags.

    If you guys really want I can try taking pics but my camera is not the best and the pics always look blurry (I really need to invest in a new camera!)
  12. Dang, I just switched laptops and all my pics are on the other one. When this battery needs recharging I'll get up and post some of my Python Silverado in action.

    I am 5'5", 125 lbs and it's a great size for me. I often wear it in 4" platforms and still think it looks fine.

    Go for it!!!

    It's sooo much lighter than a paddy, you will fall in love.

  13. Thanks so much everybody, I got the impression from the collection pics that the med silverado was smaller than the satchel.
    In action pics will be greatly appreciated.:yes:

    Thanks for helping you girls rock:jammin: :heart: !
  14. This is a HORRID pic, but you get the idea (5'5", 125 lbs):

  15. I'm 5'4 and the medium paddington was a nice size! It carries a lot of day to day things. I carried my wallet, makeup bag, phone and sunglasses in it. I feel that if I put anything more in it it got bulky and lost it's cute "sagginess" appeal. NWIM? It kinda jutted out and didn't lay flat when I carried on my shoulder.

    However, if I did buy another Silverado I think I would go for the large. I like larger bags (like Balenciaga City or YSL Muse). The large is gorgeous and isn't that much bigger. Also, because its larger you can see the details of the bag better. I know a fellow PF'er posted a photo once of a large on and it looked fabulous. Let me see if I can find it.