Help! Silver Perforated Flap Bag!

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  1. Hi! I've just fallen in love with the silver perforated flap bag that is from the Pre-Collection of Spring-Summer 2008. Anyone have any ideas if this bag is available any where? It's the first bag on the chanel website for the 2008 Spring Pre-Collection. Would be super duper grateful if there is any way I could get my hands on that gorgeous bag. Thanks a bunch ladies and gents!
  2. Picture for reference... Thanks a bunch!

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  3. I think Chanel boutiques have this bag? Neiman's also had them. DOn't remember who had what sizes/colors though.
  4. Thanks photomj! Can you tell me which NM or Chanel? I'm in Singapore and I've checked with our local boutique but they've sold out on the bag. :sad:
  5. I just PMed you about my SA who can help you. I saw that at my Saks earlier today:smile:
  6. Sorry! It was late when I posted! My local Chanel won't ship out of the States. Call Jason at the Bellagio Chanel Store (702) 765-5505 or email him at

    For NM call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 - she can get anything!!!

    Good luck!


  7. Thanks shockboogie and photomj! Crossing fingers that they'll have a bag for me!
  8. I have tried Lisa from NM on this bag before but unfortunately NM did not carry the drill in this style. You probably want to try SAKs or the Chanel boutiques as the other girls suggested..