HELP!!! Silver or grey bags...

  1. Hi all, i desperately want a silver or grey bag and need suggestions on brands that do nice ones, in silver would want a smaller size and in grey could go bigger... price range is probably not above $1,000 USD. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!:tup:
  2. I'm not sure, haven't seen a lot lately. But check out the NAP sale, I believe there were 1 or two there... good luck!
  3. As far as grey goes, would you want a light or a dark grey? I am coveting Rebecca Minkoff's dark gray matinee right now - see it at Luna Boston:

    Jenny Yuen also has a lighter gray coming out for Spring/Summer that I think is fabulous:

    Not sure if either of these are your style (I love the lesser known designers!) but they are both under $1000 for sure! Hope that helps!
  4. I too am on a quest for a silver and a grey bag. Balenciaga had a pewter bag at one time, and I could kick myself for not getting one. I'd love to see a Chanel jumbo flap in grey. However, that bag would be very pricey. :push:I'll let you know if I come across anything. Good luck in your search.:smile:
  5. Chloe has some lovely argent (silvery) colored bags that are probably on sale now for <$1000. Check the Chloe shopping forum if you are interested!
  6. Take your time and enjoy browsing! I am looking for the same thing.
    I settled on Anya Hindmarch, but someone else snatched the sale bag and the full priced one is over my budget. So, that leaves Anna Corinna or Rebecca Minkoff... or Gustto. Or Elliott Lucca. Or Francesco Biasia....
  7. I still love my cole haan triple zip satchel in gunmetal. This isn't it, but it shows you the color:

  8. I think the Hayden Harnett grey is really beautiful, and they make many styles in this color. Here's my favorite, the Tharpe:


    This one is fun too, their Tokyo clutch:
  9. Hayden-Harnett also has the Silver Lorca on sale right now for less than $200. The Lorca is a great smaller bag (although holds plenty.) I have one in Lead and always recieve many compliments on it.
  10. these come in silver:



    check out the dooney and bourke website