Help- silk cleaning

Jun 23, 2007
So i wore my mothers silk bow chanel bag to a wedding last night bow bag/ForIsabella/chanelbow.jpg

and my eyeliner opened inside the bag and smudged on the silk lining

can i clean this without giving it into the chanel store and so i do not lose my head when she sees it :sad: ?
I think you can take it to a dry cleaner in NY (I think that is where you live, right?) called Mme Pauline (I believe) or, failing that, Hermes offers help with dry cleaning silk, not necessarily theirs, either. I just found that out yesterday. So, if you are close by to an H boutique, again, being in NY this is a help, anyone specializing in silk is the place to go. Actually, Chanel would be the last place on my list.