HELP! Signature Heart Logo cleaning question?!

Feb 28, 2010
So I was going to the post office and when i got out, i realized i forgot something and leaned back in. I realized then that I had rubbed my signature heart logo glam tote against the side of the car and there are 2 quarter sized dirt stains on it. I treated the one on the back side with a tide to go pen and am letting it sit but do you have any suggestions?

i'm mad because i just got this like a week ago and have been extremely careful and then poof, stupid mistake.


help please:sad:


J'aime coeurs roses
Dec 28, 2007
sorry!! i hate when i make mistakes like that. im not sure what kind of fabric that is :Push: but i spilled a cup...a whole cup of coffee on my carly [brown on brown] a while back. i completely panicked and knew she was ruined. i took a baby wipe to her and then let her dry.....there is no spot there now. you would never know what happened. i also had dark blue jeans transfer onto her and once again i used a baby wipe and the spots seems to just disappear. i love that fabric!!