HELP! Sienna Miller's blue cardigan!!!

  1. Does anyone know the brand of her blue cardigan?

  2. looks a little marc jacobs-y to me, but i dunno.
  3. I dunno either but I sure like it!!
  4. sorry but it looks like she did it herself in a beginners sewing class. But I'm not a real fan of hers nor her style. For me it looks too much like a bag lady.
  5. I don't think it's a cardigan, but more a coat.
  6. Dont know the coat, but its really cute and it looks like shes got one of those Thomas W. skull bags.
  7. Agree, looks like a coat to me...can't help you here
  8. soo cute
  9. yup, it's goat, liberty had it in taupe a month or two ago. i think it was £375, it's not the same one that's brown's but it's similar.
  10. I have a goat cardie too, very nice and keep there shape well too. I always wait until the sales, they seem to always be discounted and you get them for a good price then :smile:
  11. i'm hoping it will be around at sale time, i saw it and thought "ooh that looks nice" but thought £375 was a bit excessive considering it's not cashmere or anything.