HELP!! Shrink my shoes and make them fit again!

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  1. I have a favorite pair of great leather flats that I've had for a while now - long enough so they were broken in just enough to fit my feet perfectly and were super comfy. Problem is, my newish roommate said we wear the same size and asked to borrow them so I said sure. When I got them back, they looked and felt all stretched out and now they slip off my heels and I feel like I'm swimming in them because now they're too wide as well.

    I was curious, so I looked at the size on a pair of her shoes and they were a 9 1/2 and I'm an 8! Obviously she stretched the crap out of them:sad: Anyone know of a way to shrink them back so I can wear them again? FYI - I already tried a heel insert but that didn't help since they're way too wide now.
  2. Well if you lived in AZ I would tell you to leave them in your car on a hot day...but it's probably cold where you are. Good luck!
  3. can you get a pair of insole and see if this would help.
    never share's a bad idea.

  4. Really random, but does leather really shrink in the heat? I had no idea!
  5. the insole idea sounds good.... i've heard padding the shoe in the toe box might help as well.
  6. I thought it would expand...
  7. Take them to a good cobbler maybe, and see if they can somehow heat shrink them?
    I can't imagine the nerve of that roommate!
    And how in the world can she wear a pair of shoes 1 1/2 size too small, anyway! She must have worn them like slides and crushed down the heel?
  8. I think the heat softens them & they shrink back down. Just don't wear them while they're still warm/hot....
  9. I almost wish she did just crush the heel - then her big feet crammed in my poor shoes wouldn't have stretched them so much! But no, she somehow got her feet all the way into them:sad: Now she has the nerve today of complaining how my shoes killed her feet. It's more like her feet killed my shoes!
  10. Tell her to shut up :P
  11. :roflmfao:


    though this makes me extra grateful that I live alone, LOL
  12. i'd be very pissed at the roommate who did this. i would tell her what she did was very inconsiderate and would tell her never to come close to any of my shoes again.
  13. You should tell her that she ruined your flats by stretching them out and the reason why your shoes hurt her feet is because she is a 9 1/2 and your an 8

    I hope you bring this to her attention
  14. I found this while searching for an answer to my own shoe shrinking dilema.. here is article I havent tried the method they are suggesting as it seems a bit drastic but once the hot summer comes then I'm going to spray my shoes lightly with water and put them in my car trunk for a few days to see if they will shrink.
  15. Oh I told her how upset I was and that she totally ruined some of my favorite shoes, but she kind of shrugged it off like "it's just a pair of shoes - get over it" - unbelievable! I'm thinking about having my super tall friend cram her size 11 feet into a pair of my roommates 9 1/2 JCrew boots that she wears all the time to see how she likes having her shoes stretched!! Do I dare??