Help! Shoule I get it? HAC 32cm in havanne

  1. My sales called and she found me a 32cm HAC in havanne evergrain. Should I get it? What do you guys think of the color and leather? I need a workhorse that can take some abuse. I have until tomorrow to decide.
  2. Go for it! Sounds yummy.
  3. My first thought...yes!

    But...I am not sure I would describe evergrain as a workhorse leather...

    Peli and I both have black evergrain birkins...a few notes... Evergrain keeps its shape very is also fairly water and scratch resistant... However...maybe a big togo and clemence bags are much more "hardy"...the corners of the evergrain birkin are wearing somewhat quickly...and...I think the grains on the interior leather (wear my bag rubs against me) are flattening a bit... So...pros and a few limitations...for a workhorse I would choose togo or clemence (or fjord)...that said...evergrain is a gorgeous just need to take some care in terms of wear...

    Yes to evergrain...
    Maybe no to evergrain as a workhorse...
  4. nafnaf Have you seen a HAC IRL yet? Do you have to decide on this bag sight unseen?
  5. Shopmom, Yes, I have to decide on the bag sight unseen. This call came from a sales person that's out of state.

    SoCal, What else is bad about evergrain? I am not totally careless with my bags but I prefer something I don't have to baby as much as the toile birkin I have, which I ended up not using at all.
  6. That would be my primary concern...wear to corners and grain... The leather is gorgeous... To be honest...I would not purchase the HAC w/o being able to try the bag on...I would be concerned about being able to wear the HAC on my arm with a coat... Havanne is a gorgeous color...
  7. SoCal said it best! Evergraine is a beautiful leather, but if you want something more durable, I think Togo or Fjord is the best way to go.
  8. Wearing HAC over my arms won't be a problem. I have seem HAC before IRL, but it was a presold bag. It is just this particular HAC in havanne evergrain that I haven't seen and must buy sight unseen. I'm slim with skinny arms, 5'4" and 95lbs, and I can fit almost anything over my arms.

    I didn't ask for a togo or clemence because I worry about heavy weight and retaining shape. I am concern about corner wearing though...

    Looks like I shouldn't get it??... :confused1:
  9. Well, I saw a Chocolate HAC 32 the other day, and I thought it was gorgeous. I would have bought it if I'd had the funds on the day.
  10. have you tried on the 32 HAC? if not, i would say don't buy it until you've carried it and know you love it. if you have tried on the 32 HAC and the only issue is whether you love the leather and color, then go for it. i think socal has done a great job of describing the pros and cons of evergrain (and personally, i think it's heavenly) and you should know whether chocolate brown is for you.
  11. Nafnaf, what a dilemma! Can't they bring the bag in for you to see first? Or, at least, when you go to buy it, can't you decide you don't like it and say, no, I'd like to have the charges reversed. I know Hermes is picky about returns, but perhaps they'd make an exception here as you've never seen the $X,000 bag (!!!). I've heard of them flying bags in for preview before ... ?
  12. Now I think I shouldn't get it...I have try on a HAC, but only briefly. It was a presold bag and my sales couldn't really let me play with it as much. I thought I really like 32cm because it's the perfect size. I find 30 to be slightly too small and 35 just slightly too big.

    Katel, No, I can't "fly" the bag to my local store because this SA is from a different store, and my regular sales does not know I work with sales from other stores.
  13. Oh, that's tough (but I fully understand and have been there - but not with a HAC!). Tough. Well, go with your gut. You will make the right decision. Don't settle. You have lots of years to find the right Birkin.

    I know in the past I've settled on "pretty close" only to have the real thing pop up weeks later (!) So listen to your heart, it will be right.
  14. I agree with SoCal and Peli,my mum has a kelly in evergrain and she use it very carefully -but almost every day- and it is not as flawless as my togo!!!
  15. I would definitely say to get it for the 32 HAC size for you - and Havanne is a beautiful color. My only concern if I were you would be exactly what SoCal, Pelinaka and everyone else said about the Evergrain - while beautiful, it may make it less of a workhorse in terms of worrying about wear to the corners.