HELP!! should i...?

  1. exchange my mono lin bucket for a damier bucket? i luv damier...not to mention it's cheaper but it's at least canvas throughout!! on the other u guys feel that the damier bucket looks a bit too mature? i mean...the mono lin bucket can be dressed up or down..

    HELP!!!! i only have a few days left to exchange!!!!:crybaby:
  2. I'll have to say NO cos I like it in Mini-lin. But Damier will definitely last longer...which one do you like better?
  3. both :sad: i can seee that the mini lin won't look as old...i've always disliked the bucket because it looks too old-fashioned...

    but somehow i feel i'm accumulating too many damiers....

    so...sigh what should i do? the mini lin will also feel more unique against my lot of damiers..

    im sure the linen lining will rub against my clothes and scuffing will occur...but it's not my everyday

  4. go with what you feel, the canvas will be more sturdy though.........
  5. I never liked the Bucket until I saw the Mini-lin too. I'll still keep it since you own mostly/all Damier :P.
  6. lemmme think about it for 1 more day and let more tPF'ers gimme their feedback!
  7. That's tough... I'm always for a variety, so I'd say keep the Mini Lin... but I'm not such a big fan of this bag :shrugs: Was it you w/ the mostly handheld Damier bags??? So a Damier shoulder bag would be a variety, hm? :lol:;)
  8. Somehow from your posts, I feel that you actually prefer the mini lin, so keep it..! Go with what you love.

    If you are afraid of the durability, just be more careful with it. I personally think that it's better to have a bag you really LOVE though it might last shorter, rather than to have a bag you don't really like that can last you a lifetime... Not that mini lin is THAT delicate, just slightly more delicate than canvas. JMHO :P
  9. I say keep the mini lin. You already have damier so why not have something different? Good luck with your choice, let us know!!
  10. Just slowly save up for a damier bucket in the future! That way you'll have no regrets whatsoever since you seem to really like both.
  11. I say keep the mini lin to add variety to your collection. I think it's really cute. Congrats!
  12. Hmm... I saw the Mini Lin fabric IRL, I did not love it honestly. I do like the Damier Bucket, but the one think that bugs me about the Damier bucket is that the tabs on the bucket, where you attach the straps, are shaped straight, and I like the curved shape that the Mono and Mini Lin have. Honestly, my favorite bucket is the Mono, and I am not a big Mono fan, but something abou thte Mono bucket is :love:. Either way though, they are all great, you can't go wrong with LV.
  13. Keep the Mini Lin as you have a lot of Damier pieces already - something new for the Fall!
  14. i don't like the shape of the Bucket, but i'd say the Damier might be better, because the canvas is much more durable and will last forever and ever and amen
  15. mixed comments here!!! what should i do...*shakes head*