HELP! Should I trade my MC Ursula???

  1. The first time I saw my White MC Ursula, I fell MADLY in love with it and decided to get it right away. Well, I did get it but it has been sitting in my closet after I've only taken it out twice :sad:. I thought I could get over the size of the bag. I'm not really a big, bulky bag person but it was so darn cute! Anyway, now I know I can't get past its size and I'm thinking of trading it for another White MC. I was thinking of maybe getting the Aurelia MM and since I would have some credit left, I'm planning to get the Neverfull MM or the Pochette in Black. Do you guys have any other suggestions on what I could trade for the Ursula or should i even trade the Ursula???

    If I do trade it, I'm thinking of getting the following: Aurelia MM, Neverfull MM, Pochette MM in black (I know all these would cost more than the Ursula but I'm trying to lessen the pain of parting with something I fell in love with...).

    I'd certainly appreciate your suggestions.
  2. You must definately part ways with Ursula. That is no sort of life for her to live in a closet. Bags have lives too! Go ahead with the Aurelia, Neverfull, Pochette plan!
  3. If the Ursuala is still brand new, you should be able to exchange it for something that you know you will definitely get more use out of. Back when the MC collection was first introduced, I was lucky enough to procure a white MC Speedy with the pink LV monograms on each of the four corners and also one on the front pocket. I loved the bag initially but never ended up using it as it turned out be too bulky and heavy for me. After a few weeks, I ended up selling the bag. To this day I still think that it's a goregous bag but it just didn't work out for me. I'm on the fence about the Ursula. I love the chain handles but the bag felt a bit heavy when I tried the bag on at the LV store. I'm worried that if I get the Ursula, it'll just sit in my closet like the MC Speedy did.
  4. I did the same thing you did --- love at first sight and bought right away. However, in the back of my mind, I had misgivings about the bag's bulkiness and open-top feature. When I got home and put my daily things in it, I was having trouble just getting in and out of the bag because of the center flap. I tried to make myself really enjoy carrying the bag, but I just couldn't make it happen.

    In the end, I had to exchange it for the MC Rita --- a bag much more to my liking since it is both a hand-held and shoulder bag and has a zippered top.

    Looks as if you may need to exchange the Ursula for a bag that really fits your needs since you are having to get over the size of the bag from the beginning. You have to get something that you'll be happy with from the time you get it at the store to the time you bring it home and beyond. Good luck!!
  5. You should trade it. Otherwise you're not going to enjoy the Ursula and it'll be a waste. :smile:
  6. I agree with others abot the others. I would trade in the Ursula for the Aurelia MM! ;)
  7. Trade it in!

    The Ursula isnt for me either, the size is weird to me. I mean, I love big bags but the shape of the Ursula is wack IMO.
  8. I think you should trade it in for those :yes:
  9. A consensus!!! Wow, that sure made it easier for me! Thanks a lot for your help!
  10. Oh no, I may be the only one to say this but ......

    NO, DON'T TRADE IN THE URSULA! *hehe* :p

    Just saying that because it is my DREAM bag that I am hoping to get after I purchase a few other things on my list ..... so maybe I'm being a little biased.

    However, if she is just sitting in your closet .... I agree with the others trade it in so she can be loved and used by somebody else. :yes:
  11. Wow, I appreciate everyone's comments on the MC I know I don't want it! Much easier on the cc. And now I can browse over which black MC I do want!
  12. It was really a difficult decision for me (until after I got all the answers here...) because it was a really pretty bag. I tried it on a million times just to see how I can "work" the size of the bag but it was just really awkward. It felt like there was always a two-foot thing wedged between my body and my arm. However, as to not discourage people like you who also fell in love with it, it was my most "wow'd" bag. Heads turned when I carried that bag. It was a definitely an arm candy. I just wished it was easier to carry. ;)So let us know when you get yours and hopefully, you'd be able to use it more than I did mine.
  13. if youre in doubt, find a bag that you will love 100%, and trade it in before your 14 days is up !!