Help! Should I Take the Plunge?

  1. I posted a few days ago asking if anyone had seen this bag in person or owned it:

    Looks like nobody had any info, but I need advice on whether I should purchase this bag. I have been hunting for a cream-ish colored bag for a while and a bag with an outside pocket. This has both those items but I always get worried about buying something that is final sale that I haven't seen in person!

    Any advice folks?

    Thanks much!
  2. I don't like to buy things online that I have never seen before in person, especially something that is a final sale. That is just me, though. If that bag looks perfect to you and you can live with it maybe not being exactly perfect, then go for it. The price is not so high that it would be horrible if it wasn't exactly as expected. I probably have been no help! Sorry...
  3. Sorry, can't really help, haven't seen it IRL. It's a sleek design and the leather (from what I can see in the pic) looks pretty soft and good quality. The long strap would be handy. But if you are worried about buying final sale, sight unseen, it might be wiser to hang on to your cash.:yes: I've parted with cash too easily in the past... without being able to return. And I can't live with a bag I don't love. Just my 2 cents...
  4. It looks like a cross between a Minkoff MA and LV Speedy, with a little bit of Linea Pelle thrown in! It looks like a nice bag, though. It's definitely a gamble buying something sight unseen. I remember some posters here raving about their ANI messenger bags, but don't remember seeing that exact same one mentioned here.
  5. Mmm. it is a beautiful bag!

    If you aren't sure about taking the plunge on that kind of a final sale item, I do agree with the person who suggested the cream Rebecca Minkoff MAM. The leather is actually one of my favourites on any of the bags I've ever had (soft, smooth, and falls into a pile if you set it down.) I attached a few in case you're interested:
    DSCF0924.jpg 175b_12.jpg DSCF0922.jpg