Help!!!Should I take the gator Kelly wallet?

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  1. Hi PFers, really need your help whether I should go for a gator Kelly wallet.

    Yesterday I went to Hermes store and I saw a gator Kelly wallet (shiny, Orange, SHW) was displayed. The wallet totally caught my attention. I really wanted to buy it at that time; while I needed to increase the card limit on bank working days so I told my SA that I would buy it on Monday and asked her to reserve it for me.

    My husband was supportive for my bag shopping and he just bought me a birkin and a lindy last December. I told him my decision while surprisely he was not that happy about it because he did not see why the wallet worths 10K Euro. He told me that if I like Croc/Gator leather, I should go for a bag instead of a wallet, even a gator bag costs much more. In his opinion, wallet does not worth that much of money.

    He tried to convince me letting the wallet go and offered me to order a Croc/Gator bag (with buget of 30K euro). While I already told SA that I would buy it and I hate breaking my word; in addition, I still like the wallet.

    If you were me, what would you do? Please help here...Thx...
  2. I vote get the wallet. It seems your heart is set on it. Then, in a few months or next year your gift to self can be a croc bag to go with the wallet!! Makes perfect sense to me. [emoji6] Good Luck!
  3. Tough decision. I understand you don't want to break your word with your SA but I agree with your husband. I would chose exotic bag over wallet. If you don't have limited funds, go for it.
  4. Get exotic bag rather than a wallet
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  9. Hubby offered you exotic bag? Tell your SA to get you the bag. Much better investment.
  10. If you are going to use it a lot, and not only as a wallet but also as a clutch, then go get it! If you are only going to use it as a wallet, I would suggest to pass on it. Wait for a croc/gator bag like your hubby suggested. (Aww, he is so sweet to suggest you to get an exotic bag instead!)

    I once came across a Kelly flag wallet with croc and box leather combo, which cost around 10k USD. It was very stunning, and I really REALLY wanted to get it. However, after playing with it for a while and considering how often I would use it, I passed on it. My sa had no problem with me not getting it. So, I believe your sa would probably understand as well.

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    I love having a beautiful wallet but don't get sidetracked by a wallet over a bag. Once you get the bag, then your husband won't deny you the wallet. Your SA will understand I'm sure.
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  13. Your relationship with your DH is much more important than with your SA. It seems like he's an understanding and supportive DH, so I think you should respect his opinion this time. Finances and big purchases should be made in agreement.
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  15. Very well said and sage advice.
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