Help!!! Should I Switch my Red Epi Speedy for a Red Epi Alma?

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  1. I posted this question a few days ago but it was late and I only got a few responses. I love my red epi speedy, but I do feel that it's a bit casual for my lifestyle (I can really only use it on the weekends). Would it be a good idea to get a red Alma in its place or am I being crazy? I'm really struggling with this right now and can't make up my mind!
  2. seriously did you look at the passy? it is so great for work! i say yes but i'm impartial- i want your bag. LOL
  3. I would go with Alma if your life style is more dressy than casual. Alma is better to carry papers in (if you have to) compared to Speedy and I like the fact that it won't wrinkle as much as epi speedy does with time.
  4. ^ So true. Since alma zips all the way around it will be less prone to wrinkling around the opening.
  5. You are not crazy!! I think you ought to trade your red epi speedy for the red epi alma since you are having second thoughts about your speedy.

    I was in the same boat as your were in having to decide to exchange my myrtille epi speedy for the myrtille epi alma. I finally bit the bullet and exchanged it, plus I got the matching strap for the alma. I'm happier now that I can use the alma for any occasion and I can use it as a shoulder bag AND as a hand-held.

    Good luck with your decision. Either way, you'll still have a beautiful LV bag!
  6. purse- you had a myrtille speedy and you GAVE. IT. AWAY? :::sob:::
  7. i personally would stick with the epi speedy! but whatever is more convenient for you really.. i agree with the other ladies
  8. I know. It nearly killed me to trade in my epi myrtille speedy, but I had to because the speedy was making me crazy when I used it to go shopping at the mall. I couldn't handle the speedy AND the shopping bags. The speedy was a beautiful bag, for sure, but I love the alma even better.

    If I had oodles of money, I would have kept both. Ha!
  9. lol. oh what i wouldn't give for oodles of money!
  10. :noggin: :smash: :lecture: I going to repeat myself again, KEEP THE SPEEDY.:cursing:
  11. I prefer the speedy because it soo casual and fun yet can be dressed up...the alma is more formal IMO....tough decision...go with the one that grabs your attention more...
  12. I have the Red Alma...Love it...I think it can be a little bit more dressy ...due to the shape...IMO. Good luck with your decision!
  13. I would go with the Alma. To me, the alma is so much easier to get in and out of than the epi speedy. And, the alma shape is beautiful!

    I have an epi speedy and 2 almas. The almas get much, much more use!!
  14. I say keep the speedy between the two.
  15. I love both the alma and speedy shapes but I do think the alma is more professional looking.