HELP: should I ship my LV in PARTIALLY PAYMENT??

  1. My LV Cherry Blossom Papillon got Buy It Now 2 days ago and I think I sold it in a good deal as it's still beautiful and the cowhide not turn to brown color
    Below the link:

    no one is allowed to post their eBay ID's or auctions here.

    I state clearly in my auction, I only accept Bank Wire and Bank Draft. I realized some people unlike this methods but I can't do anything as these are the only payment method can reach me.

    Then buyer email me to send her PayPal invoice, sure I can't do that as I can't accept PayPal for this time as PayPal service just avalaible for my country and I can send money only, not receive or request, I also state it clearly in my auction.

    Her email below:

    I am very iffy into sending the full amount.. is there something
    that we could work out.. maybe.. like if i sent half of the
    payment and then after i recive the bag.. i will send the other..
    half... I have very good feedback.. I am a fast payment provider,
    and I am a very honest buyer... you can look at all my
    feedbacks... if not, then I would like to cancel the purchase.. but
    i will be more then willingly to pay for the eBay fees of this
    auction.. please let me know.. what you decide.. so we can help
    make both parties happy.. and I am sorry for the inconvience..
    please try to understand where I am coming from.. thanks again!

    Actually, I never encountered such this thing. As I ever mentioned on one of my thread, my best friend & I is selling on another Auction Site below:


    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]and I totally can't see any reason to cheat someone and humiliate myself with that amount of money, even this transaction is on eBay and she'll easily file claim and eBay can suspended me if I cheat someone there ( OMG! I'm looking to be longer in this field "selling LV" so I really unexpected that bad thing happen to me ).

    Oh just to inform, I've sold 3 LV before:
    LV Epi Vanilla Nocturne PM $ 549.99 ( buyer ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx )
    LV Epi Vanilla Speedy $659.99 ( buyer ID: xxxxxxx )
    LV Epi Vanilla Soufflot $625
    but after I sold, an unauthorized user accessed my account and eBay remove my listing including sold listed to protect my account from that user so my buyers can't leave me feedbacks and I either but fortunately, I've left for user ID: xxxxxxxxxx

    Please advice me what should I do... If this buyer can't trust me of course I have no reason to do the opposite and ship my item in $347.5 only?

  2. Personally, I would not let her pay half first. It's just too risky, and not worth the hassle.
  3. no way no how!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, please do not link your auctions here or mention your ID, we don't allow that.
  4. sorry, will keep on mind not to mention ID and auctions link in future, thanks to notify me, Swanky Mama of Three :smile:
  5. I personally wouldn't do it. If she's "iffy" about making the full payment then why did she bid (or BIN) to begin with? Doesn't make sense, I'd stay away!
  6. If she wasn't comfortable with it, she shouldn't have bid.

    Tell her that and tell her to give you your fees back and cancel the bid. Relist it to someone who can READ.
  7. ^ Completely agree! If she doesn't trust you, why should you trust her?
  8. This would be a no.
  9. No way would I ship something only half paid for. Unless you offered payment plans in your auction, she is out of luck.
  10. It doesn't matter how good her feedback is. She should have read your auction carefully and should not have bid if she didn't feel comfortable with the method of payment.

    I would not send the purse without receiving the full payment. That is how ebay works. What if she doesn't fulfill her 2nd payment. You are out luck and out a purse.
  11. could you do an escrow service? I'm not sure how those work, but I think they involve a third party holding the money until the buyer receives it and is OK with it....
  12. No, I would never send something with half a payment
  13. No way...I don't see why she bid in the first place if she wasn't certain. I'm sensing trouble..she could have been an honest buyer up until now, then what, when you're out the other half of your payment AND the bag? I wouldn't risk it.
  14. Email her back and tell her you'll send half of the bag! Is she nuts?

    If she pulls out, list her as unpaid. Buyers are fully aware of the Ebay rules and the rules of your auction. There is no excuse for bidding and trying to back out.
  15. I have never heard of this. There is somecalled escrow, if they are worried about authentitiy. There are fees connected to that which they should pay. Mention escrow, but absolutely say no to any other terms, because those are technically not the the terms of the auction. That's how it is supposed. It is a legal, binding agreement.
    Good luck.