HELP! Should I sell this Diorissimo?!

  1. Havin a bit of a dilemma here! Bought this gorgeous lil bag about a year ago but it hardly ever gets out of it's lil dustbag! I know I should sell it cos I have FAR TOO MANY brown logo bags! (Mainly Gucci!) I think cos it's orange too I don't take it out enough! Arggghh, I really should buy a white or black bag instead, what should I do?!

  2. i think you should sell it an get a black diorissimo (or some other dior bag), something which you would use more.
  3. Lol, yeah I know, my fiance has promised to buy me a new bag for my bday but I know I'll prob end up jus keepin this! Does anybody do this lol, just can't bring yourself to sell bags you don't use alot?!
  4. That bag is cute, but I can see why maybe you don't use it too often, not that easy to match with bright orange. I think it seems too difficult to sell bags these days, lots of horror eBay stories. I'm the same, have quite a few bags that have been worn a couple of times when bought and have now been sitting in a cupboard for years.
  5. sure... =) it's small/cute but if you dont use it then.. for sale it goes?
  6. i would sell it and buy something that you will use and enjoy more.
  7. The bag is very cute, But, if you don't plan on using it- sell it for a bag you will!
  8. I say sell it and buy something you will wear :smile:
  9. I think you should sell the bag and buy something you'll wear more. I know it's hard, but that bag lying unused is only a waste of money
  10. ^I agree!
  11. I agree too! If you're finding that it's one of your less-used bags, then by all means sell it. That way, you can get some $$$ back for a future purchase, and your bag can end up (hopefully) in the hands of someone who will love it!
  12. Like all other girls have said, sell it and get some money back for it. You can save that bit of extra cash for something else.