Help! Should I Sell My Carly?

  1. I have a Large Cotton Carly in Ivory/Chocolate and I think I should sell it. Maybe. I really do like it and I get tons of compliments on it. I went to the outlets specifically looking for it and was lucky enough to get the last one :smile: But, I don't use it that much. I find the large to be sort of a hassle to get in and out of because I guess I don't carry THAT much and the top kinda folds over on to itself when I have things in the multifunction pockets. I also have to DIG most of the time! Otherwise I love the way it looks on me! The slouch that gives me so much grief looks fabulous!

    Also, I have had some denim transfer onto the cotton and thats a bummer because I wear lots of jeans:sad:

    I love the Carly style so whats a girl to do?

    Should I sell mine and get a medium? Will it still have the nice slouch? The Carly isnt going anywhere for a while right? It's one of the most popular bags at the moment correct?

    Help me girls.... I am so hard at making these kind of decisions..
  2. I say sell that and get a medium. I love the Carly, I got the medium sig chocolate but returned it for the Legacy Sig shoulder bag in Brown. I love the way it looks but hated digging for my stuff at the bottom. It was like a bottom less pit for me. It looks really nice how it slouches but I thought it was too big for me. It looks so much better on other people but not me. This made really :sad: but I think I made the right choice with the Legacy even though it cost a little more.
  3. I love my large khaki/saddle Carly. It's the perfect bag for me right now.
    I purchased a Purseket and it has made finding things in my bag much easier.
    I don't really care for the Ivory cotton ones because of the color transfer problem that you mentioned. The other colors are so much easier to maintain.
    IMO, I would sell it and purchase a different color.

    Good luck deciding!
  4. If you don't really love it, you should sell it and use the money for a bag that better fits your lifestyle. I know that I sometimes really love a bag, but once I get it home, I realize that it's more pretty than practical. I just can't do that; I want to use it!
  5. I say sell it for the medium. If its not functional for you, you're not going to use it. It will eventually just sit in your closet. I love the look of the Carly but have never bought one because I hate when I have to dig to the bottom of my purse to find stuff. So annoying....I'm much happier with an east/west bag like my Legacy shoulder bag. :tup:
  6. I kind of wish I had gotten the medium. I have a large khaki/saddle and I love how it looks but it does tend to have that bottomless pit feeling.
  7. It's so beautiful! But if you use it why keep it? I agree with Pochita and try a smaller size :biggrin:
  8. I agree with the others, if you don't use it and the color transfer is an issue, sell it and get a medium in another color.... I am thinking of the medium chocolate carly now (of course now that pce is over!) but can't find one for a descent price!!! :rolleyes:
  9. I have a khaki/saddle in medium and it has a great slouch. Sell it and get a medium.
  10. Hard decision..I wouldnt want to be in your position. That is a gorgeous bag, and stands out from all the other Carlys I see in the large city where I live. But if it isnt working for you, better to get something that does than being stuck in your closet. Best of luck! Let us know what you decide to do.

  11. I know! I have not seen 1 other person with this Carly in my large city either! I always get compliments on it and when I go to the outlet while carrying this bag everyone stalks me and asks if I am buying it... I'm like "hey it's mine back off! :roflmfao:
  12. Oh Taralindsey - I've been having this internal debate as well, but with my Medium Khaki Carly!

    I think it's way too heavy for what I need to carry, and find that my large canvas is much better. I love the slouch as well. Plus, my Medium Carly has a small stain from where DH stuffed it into the side of a restaurant booth. I've tried everything to clean it and it won't come off :cursing:. It's been in the closet for months.

    I've been going back and forth with this conversation in my head: Love the bag....hate the stain....matches nearly heavy to carry.....sell or confused!

    Good luck with your decision!
  13. Oh....poor Carly!!! I'd say sell it if you don't love it. Maybe try a medium if you don't carry that much. See my problem was the exact opposite. I got the medium, and had TOO much stuff in it and found it a hassel to get in and out of. I just got my Lg. Choc. Sig. Carly, and so far so good!!!! Good luck in your decision!
  14. I love that bag! Are they still selling this at Coach in that color combo, or would I have to eBay:shrugs:
  15. I agree with the other posters. If its not practical for you to use, then it will sit in your closet; better to sell it and get another purse that you will actually use. I have the same ivory cotton Carly (in medium though) and it does get dirty fast, but I LOVE it and get complimented on it every time I take it out. It's even inspired some coworkers to start up their Coach collecting again! Good luck with whatever you decide! :tup: